Happy Junk Mail Users

Hi There Junk Mailers! We receive a lot of positive feedback from our loyal users, and this makes us very proud. We thought we would start sharing some of these comments with you. P.S. – Feel free to add some comments of your own. We love to hear from our users

Junk Mail Saves Again!

Here is what Heidi had to say:
“I would never have thought that so many people scan the Junk Mail. Within an hour of my townhouse being listed, I received 7 calls about renting my place!
“Thank you – you have been my lifesaver! Much appreciated! The ad was money well spent!”
“God Bless”

Thank you for the awesome feedback Heidi. Hope you enjoy Junk Mail Online even more now that we are going completely FREE on Monday 6’th April!
Best regards,
The Junk Mail Online Team

Great Feedback
Thank you Heidi.
In such a tough economic environment it’s very reassuring and reaffirming that the Junk Mail really works for you. It’s a great medium to bring buyers and sellers together and you’ve used it well.Thank you for using Junk Mail, keep using it, tell your friends and congratulations!
Felix Erken
MD Junk Mail Publishing Group

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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