Happy Mother’s Day!

In South Africa, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. The day coincides with the Mother’s Day celebrations in the United States. The second Sunday of May holds an important place in the life of South Africans. They celebrate it with great enthusiasm and interests. They regards Mother’s as an auspicious day, which gives every human being an opportunity to say thanks to his mother and appreciate all her efforts she has undertaken for him. South Africans make the most of the opportunity and leave no stone unturned to express gratitude towards their mother.

Carnations are the traditional flowers used on Mother’s Day. Apart from presenting their mom flowers, the people of South Africa also wear them to celebrate the day. The flower holds a special meaning on this day. While wearing red and pink carnations mean that a person’s mother is still living, the white ones are worn in honor of a deceased mother. On this particular day, children in South Africa pamper their mother and give her a special treatment. She is exempted from the daily chores, which are taken over by the children.

On Mother’s Day in South Africa, a child and a mother switch their roles. The child becomes a caretaker of the mother and gives her a treat. On the other hand, the mother sits back and relaxes, watching her favorite DVD, letting the child takes over the kitchen. From the bed tea in the morning to the dessert at night, they do everything for their mother. Some of them take their mother out for dinner or picnic as well. South Africans also present their mother with gifts, which range from homemade ones to the expensive ones.

Many people think that Mother’s Day was a holiday which was invented by the Greeting Card companies.  But did you know that This holiday actually dates back to the annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to Rhea, the mother of all deities, and to the offerings the ancient Romans made to their Great Mother of the Gods, Cybele. Christians celebrated this festival on the 4th Sunday in Lent in honor of Mary, mother of Christ. In England this was expanded to include all mothers and was called Mothering Sunday.

Your mother is a special person in your life. You cry on her shoulder when the latest love of your life has dumped you, or you didn’t get the job you were after. If it wasn’t for her you would’ve failed matric and never gotten a driver’s license. Now it’s your turn to say thank you.

Get your mother a gift to say thanx. Take her for a picnic or a movie. Here are some more ideas for gifts: Candles, flowers, diamonds, chocolates, a gift basket, gourmet gifts, perfume, jewellery or even a voucher for a small vacation or spa treatment. Just show her how much you love her.


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