Have You Lost Your Pet? Let Junk Mail Help You

There are more than 43,000 adverts for Pets currently listed on the Junk Mail website. There are many pet owners that are advertising their puppies, kittens, and other animals for free via Junk Mail. Junk Mail knows that your pets are a big part of your family and when your pet gets lost it is like loosing a part of your heart.

Junk Mail gets very saddened when pet owners post adverts of their lost pets in our Lost, Found and Stolen category. We realise that losing one’s pet is a heart-breaking experience and we want to do our bit to help you get your pet back into your arms.

Junk Mail’s main aim has always been to bring buyers and sellers together, but we also like doing our bit for the Junk Mail community. We have been assisting our local communities with projects like the Act of Random Kindness for many months. Junk Mail likes connecting people because we do care!

We have decided to give pet owners who have lost their pets some extra exposure on the Junk Mail Facebook Page. In advertising your lost pet on our social channels, your pet has a greater chance of making its way home.

The Junk Mail team will be creating a new photo album on the Junk Mail Facebook page which will solely feature photos of Junk Mail user’s lost pets.

If you are pet owner who has lost your best friend, we will require the following details from you:

  • Photo of your pet
  • Name of your pet
  • Description of your pet (include unique features / traits, info about tags, chips, leashes, etc)
  • The area (suburb / city / town) where your pet was lost
  • Whether you are offering a reward or not
  • Your contact details (E-mail address / phone number where you can be reached)
  • The link to your advert on Junk Mail (if you have placed an advert in our Lost, Found and Stolen category)

We ask that you please e-mail all the above details to lostpets@junkmail.co.za. Once your e-mail has been received we will upload the photos of your lost pets on our Junk Mail Facebook Page. This new Junk Mail feature will give pet owners who have lost their pets greater exposure (Junk Mail has more than 16,000 fans on Facebook) and a better chance to find their best friend.

We encourage all our fans to share this post and the lost pets adverts with their friends, so that all the lost pets and owners can be reunited again!

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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