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Ladies, ever been all dressed up with somewhere to go – and then be greeted with the sound of ‘click, click’ when you turn the key to start your car instead of hearing your car’s engine roar to life? You might have left your headlights on? The most probable cause for this is a flat car battery.

Car Batteries, love them or hate them. They are there to get your car going, give you the power to sing along to your favourite tracks while you’re driving and they provide the energy to help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
You might be wondering how you can make sure you’re not left in the lurch by a faulty battery…

Well, most batteries in modern cars are maintenance free. This means that under normal operating conditions one doesn’t need to top up the battery with battery water. Nevertheless, Battery Centre offers these useful tips on taking care of the battery, to ensure it lives a long and happy life:

  • Perhaps the car battery is not maintenance free. In this case you should only use approved battery water for topping up in the event of water loss – don’t overfill.
  • Keep the battery clean and dry. This is to prevent corrosion and ensure the battery can deliver maximum power.
  • Loose connections can also result in loss of power. Keep the terminal posts and cable connections clean and tight
  • When jump-starting your vehicle always follow the specific battery manufacturer’s guidelines. Also check that the clamps are correctly tightened to the battery terminals.
  • If you’re not using your car for prolonged periods, prevent the battery from self-discharging by connecting the battery to a battery charger
  • Get the battery tested for free at your nearest Battery Centre at least once a quarter.

But what if the battery is acting up anyway?

There could be various reasons why your car battery is losing power. Visit your nearest Battery Centre and have the battery as well as your car’s electrical system checked. You can do this for free. If the expert advice is to replace rather than repair, don’t sweat it. Battery Centre have loads of batteries to choose from. They are also involved with their franchise holder, First National Battery, in ensuring all “old” batteries are totally recycled – a really environmentally committed process.

If the choice is similar to deciding between those fabulous yet pricey red shoes or the equally fabulous black shoes on sale, keep this tip in mind: Only go for a budget battery if you are about to sell you car for a more magnificent model. If you intend to keep it for a lengthy period yet, a more expensive battery could work out more cost effective in the long run. You can contact Battery Centre on 0800 112 600 (Toll Free) or visit their website at http://www.batterycentre.co.za.

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