Hitch a ride with Uber

Are you looking for an easy way to get around? Try Uber South Africa for a convenient and comfortable transportation solution. Another option is to browse Junk Mail to find a suitable lift club in your area.

What is Uber?

Uber is a smartphone app which links drivers with riders. The Uber app operates in cities across the world. If you are in a city where Uber is available, you can use the app to find a nearby driver.


How does Uber work?

When you request a ride, a driver in your vicinity will need to accept your request. Once your request has been accepted, you will be able to view your driver’s expected arrival time. When the driver is near your location, you will be notified by the app.

The app puts important information at your fingertips including the name of your driver and details about their vehicle. This information makes it easier to identify your driver when they arrive. You can enter your destination into the app before or during your ride.

how does uber work

Image Source: Uber Website.

Once you get to your destination your trip is complete and your fare is determined automatically. Conveniently, the fee is paid automatically by the payment method that you selected when you set up your account. After the trip you can rate your driver using the app and you will also be given a rating by your driver.

The rating system is used to create an ethos of respect between riders and drivers. Uber South Africa operates in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

In regards to Uber prices, this all depends on your location, your final destination and the transport option you choose. For more on Uber prices you can get a fare estimate online.

Safety for Uber Users

Uber prioritises the safety of their users. For that reason Uber is dedicated to the continuous development of technology that helps to protect Uber users. Uber helps you to stay safe and comfortable before your trip by offering a door-to-door service.

under safety

Image Source: Uber Website.

With Uber there is no need to wait on the side of the road for your taxi as the app allows you to see when your driver is arriving. The driver profiles are another initiative which contributes to safety. Riders can see the name of their driver as well as their photo. The driver’s rating is also visible.

Once you have matched with a driver you can see this information before they arrive to collect you. After the trip you are able to get in touch with the driver if you left something in their vehicle. Once you are on the trip you can share your ETA with your loved ones so that they can track your route.

This function also allows your friends to see your expected arrival time. The Uber app allows you to follow your route and see where you are at all stages of your journey. After your trip Uber’s dedication to safety doesn’t end as the feedback option allows you to share your experience of your ride. The Uber support team is ready to assist you any time of day or night. Incident response teams provide assistance in emergency situations.

uber app and supporting apps

Image Source: Image Technologies on Google Play.

Other Uber Services

Uber isn’t only a taxi service. The Uber app allows you to do so much more. Uber for Business allows you to separate your work trips from your personal ones. With Uber it is easy to get to your business meetings or to the airport for business trips.

Another innovative Uber initiative is uberPOOL which connects you to nearby riders who are travelling in the same direction as you. UberPOOL helps you to save money as well as being a more environmentally friendly option. Using Uber at airports rather than shuttles helps you to save time. There are 400 airports across the world which offer ride on-demand services.

UberEats makes it convenient to order your favourite dishes from your favourite Johannesburg restaurants. Among the variety of restaurants that you can order from are Momo Baohaus, the Big Mouth, Primi Piatti and Corner Café. Not only is this service convenient, it also offers a fast delivery service.

uber eat food delivery service

Image Source: Uber Website.

With over one hundred restaurants participating in UberEats you have a wide selection of meals to choose from. UberEats allows you to view the food and delivery cost, make payment and track your order.

Learn more about this awesome service by visiting the Uber South Africa website.

A lift club or carpool

If Uber is not for you or it is not available in your area, why not use a lift club? You can carpool to school, university or work. With so many benefits to local lift clubs it is easy to see why so many people choose to carpool.

Lift clubs are better for the environment and they also reduce the amount of traffic on the road. Carpooling is also fun as you travel to work with a group of people rather than making the trip alone. While there are numerous advantages to joining a lift club, there are also some disadvantages to consider.

use a lift club

Lift clubs offer reduced flexibility and also restrict your mobility during the day. Now that you know more about this transportation option, you can look for lift club offered listings on Junk Mail. Download the Junk Mail Android App and get started today!

If you can find a suitable lift club, why not start your own? Running a lift club can become an additional source of income. You can get started by placing a free lift club offered ad on Junk Mail.

Hitch a ride with Uber
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Hitch a ride with Uber
Are you looking for an easy way to get around? Try Uber South Africa for a convenient and comfortable transportation solution.
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