Holiday Gifts and New Years Items

Holiday GiftsAt this time of the year, you’re either using your holiday gifts to the max, or you are complaining about the gift you received.

Many people writing articles would like you to believe that no one likes anything practical as a gift, but we have proof to the contrary!

The most searched keywords on Junk Mail for December were not clutch bags or iPads, but … wait for it … washing machines! Now if that isn’t a practical gift, I don’t know what is!

Nothing spells practical as much as a car either, and it seems Durbanites are all looking for new cars. Unless all the Valies’ cars broke in Durbs and they urgently needed to replace them.

Luxury items were sure to feature somewhere on the list, but who could have thought they would only rank 3rd? Samsung Galaxy was a hot topic in Pretoria over the festive season.

Now, the holiday season is over, so you would probably like to know what is hot and selling now?

Here they are:

Property for Sale – whether you need to spoil your wife after being or looking for an investment, Junk Mail has all the options.

Toyota Hiace – Nothing says money mogul like owning your own Taxi-business.

Office furniture – You spoiled yourself in December, now spoil your staff with new office furniture.

Timeshare for sale – That’s right, start planning your next holiday now.

Used laptops – If you poured your champagne over your work laptop on New Year’s, replace it quick!

So, if you have these items or anything else, sell them on Junk Mail as it seems everyone is back into the swing of things and becoming their responsible selves again after a very festive period.

Remember that Junk Mail has it all, you seriously do not need to look any further!

Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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