Holiday home rental tips

With the festive season just around the corner, you need to ensure that you have your holiday accommodation sorted. Finding the right holiday home rental can be tough, but we are here to help. Not only is renting a home more affordable than a hotel, but it also offers you plenty of room for your family and pets. If you haven’t sorted out your accommodation yet, you can visit Junk Mail to find the best deals on holiday home rentals.

Budget For Your Holiday Home Rental | Junk Mail

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Define your budget

Knowing how much you have available to spend can make choosing the right holiday home rental easier. Research what activities are available in the surrounding areas and pre-book them. You can find deals on activities when you book ahead, and you’ll also get an idea of what portion of your budget they’ll take up. If your budget is tight, you can save money by selecting a cost-friendly location, a self-catering unit, or both!


Plan Ahead For Your Holiday Home Rental | Junk Mail

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Get organised

Planning is crucial if you want to secure the best accommodation for your family at a reasonable price. The top spots go quickly so it’s best to start searching for good deals and book them ahead of time to avoid disappointment.



Pet-friendly Holiday Home Rental | Junk Mail

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Find a pet-friendly spot

For many people, a vacation isn’t the same when they have to leave the furry members of their family behind. While finding pet-friendly accommodation is a little more challenging, holiday home rentals make it easier for you to take your pets with. However, before you book, make sure that the establishment is truly pet-friendly and that your pets will be comfortable and happy.


Holiday Home Rental Facilities | Junk Mail

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Check the facilities and amenities

If you’re travelling with your family or pets, a garden makes a great addition to your vacation. Your pets will need an outdoor area to play in and your children will also enjoy having fun outside. Family braais provide enjoyable family entertainment during summer. Take a look at what facilities there are to ensure your family’s basic needs are met.


Find Good Holiday Home Rental Deals | Junk Mail

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Know how to find a good deal

Planning a family vacation can be an expensive endeavour. While staying in a holiday home rental is usually a more affordable option than hotels, it can still come with a high price tag. The price of a rental usually decreases when you stay for longer, so you can get better value for your money by booking a longer vacation. Taking the time to research and compare your different options can also help you to find the best rates.


Ensure Safe Payment For Your Holiday Home Rental | Junk Mail

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Check payment options

Make sure that there is a safe payment option for your holiday home rental. If you’re paying online, it’s advisable to avoid making payments on websites that are unsecured. As an additional security measure, check the establishment’s online reviews. Keep an eye out for scams, especially during the busy festive season.


Now that you know how to make the most out of your holiday home rental, you can search for different accommodation options on Junk Mail. Planning a vacation can be hard work but it’s worth it for the relaxing getaway you’ll be able to enjoy with your family.

Holiday home rental tips
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Holiday home rental tips
If you haven’t sorted out your accommodation for this festive season yet, you can visit Junk Mail to find the best deals on holiday home rentals.
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