Home Décor: Frame your windows with beautiful blinds

Whether you are a fan of wooden blinds or prefer the more traditional look of Roman Blinds, there are blinds for sale in South Africa that will meet your every need – from look and feel to functionality. Today we look at some of the stunning and popular options available when it comes to adding that finishing touches to your home and windows.


The different types of blinds and designs

There are tons of different blinds for sale, but to make it a little easier, the Junk Mail team decided to highlight some of the more popular choices available out there today. Because blinds have the ability to beautifully round-off a window – both in and outside – we wanted to get this right. If we have missed any choices you think are really stunning, share it with our blog community by adding it in our comment section below.


Classic Plantation Shutters

There is no doubt that Plantation Shutters are a stunning way to create a beautifully rounded look for your home. Fitted to your window frames, these types of shutters are usually made of wood and can be either solid or slated (much like blinds).


Design wise, these shutters can either consist of panels (in three parts for example, folding up neatly) or two single panels, opening up much like a double door. Note that shutters are not only used over windows – they are also quite popular in outdoor settings over doors and on patios.


Why are plantation shutters such a popular option? Well, aside from its neat look and uniqueness, these shutters create a classic, period look. If fitted well, these shutters can create a certain type of warmth and hominess surpassed by few other designs.


Shutters are also extremely versatile, able to be fitted both in and outdoors, some companies are even going as far as to offer security shutters. Security shutters are made of strong, durable materials (like aluminium for example) and create a great alternative to security gates.


Venetian Blinds for just about any space

Also known as horizontal blinds, Venetian Blinds create a clean and modern look. Boasting horizontal slats, the main design features of these blinds include the slats being suspended by cords. These cords allow for the slats to be opened, closed and the blinds being pulled up completely.


Available in a variety of material – from wooden blinds to aluminium – these blinds for sale also come in a number of different designs and colours. ‘Made to measure’, these blind types fit your windows beautifully, creating a custom look that will most definitely match your space’s feel.


Venetian Blinds are a popular choice because of its modern look, affordability and easy control. A beautifully rounding feature to any window, they work great in a number of spaces – from the kitchen and bathroom, to the living room and bedroom – and can be made to match your space’s existing look and feel.


Elegant Roman Blinds

If you are looking for a more elegant look, why not consider Roman Blinds? A stunning replacement for curtains and other frills, these blinds are classic in design and creates a soft, warm look and feel. Extremely customisable, these blinds feature material (fabric) that, if pulled up, contracts into a pleats, creating soft layers that will be the envy of all your guests.


Also an extremely versatile option, these blinds work great over windows and glass doors. Available in just about any fabric of your choice, these blinds can be custom made to match your space’s look and feel.


From the bedroom to the patio door, Roman Blinds are perfectly elegant and ‘soft’. The amount of natural light and warmth from outside these blinds will allow to pass through, will depend on the type of material choose to use.


A Relaxed mood with Roller Blinds

Sleek and creating a totally laid-back and relaxed look, roller blinds always remind me of a beach home, but to be honest, they work beautifully in all types of homes and spaces. Made of a wide variety of material – from bamboo to fabrics – you can truly find a blind to match your space.


Roller Blinds are simple to use, entailing the use of stringed cords to ‘roll’ the blind up. Also an affordable option, these blinds for sale are available in a range of colours and material types, helping you to create a custom look that will match your space’s design perfectly.


Some people even choose to use these blind to create an amazing outdoor space.


Remember to have fun with your blinds.


Make your entertainment area pop with patio and outdoor blinds

When choosing outdoor blinds for your entertainment area, remember to stick with options that are functional and easy to use. It’s summer time and the festive season is here, so you and your family will be spending more and more time outside. Patio blinds are perfect for creating a cool entertainment area – it even comes in handy on those rainy summer days.


As with the indoor blinds, there are great options available for outdoor spaces. Here is a quick rundown of some of the different types of outdoor blinds you can choose from:

  • Sunscreens or Drop Awnings: Working the same way as roller blinds, these types of blinds are great for outdoor spaces, allowing you to roll down the blinds in different phases, creating shade and protecting you from the elements as and when needed. Note that these blinds are made of ‘solid’ material.
  • Canvas Blinds: This is quite a popular option for outdoor spaces. Working like roller blind options, canvas blinds are stunning because they have ‘windows’, some are even modified to create a ‘tent’ look complete with zipper doors. These blind types help to not only protect you and your guests from the rain, sun and wind, but your outdoor furniture as well.
  • Solar Screens: Blocking the sun, but most definitely not the view, Solar Screens (or Solar Shades) work beautifully as patio blinds. Making use of fabrics that reduce glare and heat, these screens also provide privacy (by simply choosing a ‘thicker’ fabric).


Top Tip: Looking for more ideas on how to spruce up your outdoor space? Read our 7 awning options for functional outdoor living spaces post.

Blinds for sale on Junk Mail

Now that you know about all the popular types of blinds for sale, why not find a great deal on Junk Mail? To give you a look at what you can expect to find, here are some stunning deals to help you get started:

Instant Blinds

Looking for a great deal on instant blinds? A great temporary solution, these blinds are priced at R 300 for a box of six.


Assorted Blinds on Junk Mail

Selling a wide assortment of blinds, this Junk Mail advertiser is located in Pretoria. These blinds have a starting price of R 59.90 (for 60 cm x 90 cm sizes).


Luxaflex Shutters

Offering beautiful shutters for sale, this Junk Mail advertiser offers solutions in a selection of materials including Phoenix Wood, Bass Wood and Polypropylene.


Bamboo Roller Blind

If you are in the market for wooden blinds, you might be interested in this Junk Mail ad. Priced at R 400, this high quality bamboo roller blind measures 1 945 millimeters in width and 1 180 millimeters in height.


Supplier and Fitter of Roller Blinds

Whether you are looking for aluminium, bamboo or other types of wooden blinds, this Junk Mail advertiser has what you need…


Ready to find those perfect blinds for sale? Start the shopping expedition on www.JunkMail.co.za. Offering great blind options – from venetian blinds to roller and outdoor blinds – Junk Mail most definitely has what you need! Selling your blinds? Sell Fast by placing your Free Ad on www.JunkMail.co.za today!

Home Décor: Frame your windows with beautiful blinds
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Home Décor: Frame your windows with beautiful blinds
Whether you are a fan of wooden blinds or prefer the more traditional look of Roman Blinds, there are blinds for sale that will meet your every need.
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