Home Renovations: How to cut costs

Want a fresh new look for your home? Whether you have just moved in or want to spruce up your long term family home, there are plenty of ways to make home renovations more affordable. When it comes to building material, there are various inexpensive options. With our top ten tips you can give your home an awesome make over.


1. Find second hand building material for sale

If you search online for recycled building material, you can find great deals. Buying second hand material will greatly reduce renovations costs. Palate wood is ideal for making stylish furniture for a cheap price.


2. Budget

By planning well and drawing up a budget, you can get an idea of how much the renovations will cost. This will ensure that you can prioritise the most important changes and cut back on unnecessary costs.

3. Compare quotes

Ask around for recommended building professionals in your area such as plumbers and electricians. Get quotes from each professional and compare prices to find an affordable option. While choosing the cheapest person may seem like a good choice, it is advisable to pick someone who has a good track record. Incompetent tradesmen can end up costing you more in the long run.

4. Get involved

DIY projects are a great way to renovate your home on a tight budget. While you may not be qualified to tamper with the electrics in the house, other DIY tasks are manageable. One way to save money is to do the paintwork yourself.


5. Compare prices

Before you buy building supplies and other materials, make sure that you look around for the best price. If you can’t find inexpensive items at the shops you can always do online searches.

6. Be creative

Thinking out-of-the-box can help you to find cheap alternatives to expensive items. Not only does being creative help to cut costs, it also helps to establish a cosy and welcoming home.

7. Reorganize

If you reorganise before renovating, you can create more space in your home without implementing costly renovations. Taking stock of what you already have will also help you to plan what essential changes you need to make.

8. Plan around permanent fixtures

Redesign your house around important fixtures such as the toilet and kitchen sink. If you plan to move the sink or toilet it will cost more for plumbing.

9. Prepare

If you are adequately prepared you can spend time shopping for the best bargains. By preparing in advance, you can start a collection of cheap building supplies and furnishing. While you may not find everything that you need in one search, over time you can accumulate useful and inexpensive items.

10. Take long term costs into account

While initial savings may appeal to you, you should also take into account any long term costs. Buying prefinished building materials can cost more, but it will save you time and money on finishing paint.

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