Hotels for dogs and Pet Sitter options over this festive season

Planning a family holiday can be a stressful task. Not only do you have to make all the travel arrangements for your family, you also need to take your pets into consideration. Finding a doggy day care or a dog hotel are two possible options. When you are looking for a hotel for dogs make sure that you find one that is clean and well-maintained. Another option is to find a reliable pet sitter. If you want to keep a watchful eye on your pets while you are away, you can consider installing a petcam. If you are business minded and you love pets, you can also maximise on this opportunity to make money by finding dog kennels for sale. It is advisable to explore the different options before making a decision. Here is useful information to get you started.

day care for your pets

Pet and House Sitters

You can hire a pet sitter to take care of your animals while you are away. Typically a pet sitter will stay in your house to feed your pets during your vacation. They will care for your pets and take them to the vet if they become ill. If you own dogs, a sitter can take them for regular walks. The benefit of hiring a sitter is that your pets can stay in the comfort of their home. It reduces the stress of your animals if they are kept in a familiar environment while you are away. You can also enjoy your holiday knowing that your pets are in good hands. You can find pet sitters online or through agencies.


It is advisable to choose a pet sitter that has good references. You could also ask friends and family if they can recommend a good sitter for you to employ. Many pet owners choose to find house sitters to look after both their property and their pets. If your house sitter will be at work all day you may need to find dog kennels for sale. Also make sure that your dog has plenty of water, shade and toys to play with.


A Hotel for Dogs and other Pets

Another option is to send your animal to a pet hotel before you head off on holiday. A popular hotel for dogs in the Western Cape is Bed and Biscuit. This pet hotel was established in 2001 and the owners have years of experience in the industry. They are committed to providing a caring and loving environment for pets. Animals miss their owners when they are separated, and the pet hotel aims to provide animals with care and attention to minimise any stress that the pet may experience. The property features large gardens with shady trees so that your animals have plenty of space to get regular exercise. The pet hotel is the perfect alternative to leaving your animals in a kennel over the holidays.


Pet Friendly Accommodation

Instead of finding a cat or dog hotel, you could also choose to take your pets with you on holiday. There are plenty of accommodation options which accept pets. Pet friendly options allow you to enjoy your holiday without having to be separated from your animals. Whether you are planning a weekend away or an extended trip you can consider finding pet friendly accommodation.


When you are considering where to stay, also take into account the pet friendly activities in the vicinity of your guesthouse. This can include beaches that allow access to animals as well as pet friendly parks. Hikes and trails which welcome animals are a great opportunity for your pets to get some exercise and enjoy nature with you. Dogs can provide extra security if you are exploring secluded trails. You may also want to check for pet friendly restaurants and coffee shops. Make sure that you know where the local vet is situated in case of an emergency. While it may take more time to find a pet friendly place to stay, there are plenty of options which include apartments, self-catering rooms, farms and caravan parks. If you really want to spoil your pet, inquire about the grooming parlours and pet spas in the area. A dog walker can also come in handy during your trip.


The option of a smart PetCam

You can find a petcam for sale at a cost of R 1700. This device allows you to see what your pet does when you are not home. It is easy to set up and you can find models which offer both day and night vision. Features include a wide angel lens, motion detection and IE/Safari/Firefox support. With a free Android app you can even control the camera remotely from your smart phone. The 2Way audio with built-in speaker gives you the opportunity to talk to your pet while you are off the property. There are models which offer a live view as well as remote playback options. You can even use the camera to take snapshots of your pet’s antics.


If you are leaving your pet behind, make sure that you find comfortable dog kennels for sale before you set off on holiday. With a pet sitter and petcam, you can make sure that your animals are cared for. Find all your needed pet supplies on or sell fast by placing your FREE AD today.


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