Houses for sale in the Gauteng Province

WATCH the video of one of the most beautiful homes in Gauteng. The going price for this house in Sandhurst Johannesburg is R12 500 000. It is like a little piece of heaven. This house has 5 beautiful bedrooms, a stunning cottage outside, a Jacuzzi on the patio, a swimming pool and a roaring gas fire for those cold nights. How could you not dream of living in such a beautiful home? It is the epitome of a house filled with style, luxury and warmth in Gauteng.

The Gauteng area is populated with beautiful homes, some are luxurious homes or RDP homes only waiting to be bought.

As the Gauteng province is a fast growing area, houses are being built and renovated. It is a demanding area, so people are always looking for a house to rent or houses for sale. There is a house for everybody.

Homes in the Gauteng region depend on a lot of factors, such as the diversity of the suburbs and the varying prices.


An area such as the East Rand has the most affordable property for sale, with prices ranging from 1 million for a seven bedroom home or below R400 000 for a 2 bedroom house. You can get the best affordable deals on properties for sale in Gauteng. For cheap but beautiful homes for sale in the Gauteng area, the East Rand is the best place to search.


While in areas such Randburg, Sandton and Midrand, property for sale in those areas is very expensive, but you are buying more than just the home, you will also be buying the lifestyle as well as the environment.

These areas in Gauteng are upmarket and the most demanding. They are surrounded by the best schools, malls and businesses. The prices for property for sale in these areas begin at R1, 5 million and the highest at R11 million.

You can visit estate agencies or use classified websites to find the property you are looking for at the price that you are willing to pay.


However, if you are looking for an RDP house for sale in Gauteng, the best area to find these is in the Marlboro area. The area is populated with the most beautiful newly built RDP houses for sale. The area is also surrounded by the best schools, the Gautrain and growing companies, so at prices starting from R75000 for an RDP house you can find your dream home.

Attridgeville Pretoria is also another area with the most affordable sales in RDP houses. With price beginning at R100 000, you can find a house for sale in this area.

So, although there is a lot of decision making required in buying the best property, the Gauteng area has property for everyone. Whether you are looking for a luxurious home or an RDP house to make your home, the Gauteng area has the best property affordable.

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