How do I setup an Email Alert?

You can set up alerts in your Junk Mail account to receive email notifications for ads placed of items that would interest you.

My Alerts

Once logged in, click on the “My Alerts” tab. Here you will find a form to set up an alert for specific items/services. When you’ve completed the form, click on “Save”.

My Alerts

You can also set up an alert from the Junk Mail search results pages:

My Alerts

Important things to know about setting up your alert:

■ You must select both a Category and a Sub-category; and
■ You must select at least to the city level in the Region select.

It is also strongly recommended to set a keyword.

How do I edit or delete an alert?

My Alerts

When you click on “My Alerts” in your account, a list will be displayed of all your current alerts. Here you will be able to edit or delete these alerts, or set up entirely new alerts.

You are also able to view, edit or delete your alerts from you Dashboard.

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