How do I view my advert responses and alerts?

It is quite easy to see your email account become flooded with responses from your Junk Mail ads, making it difficult to manage all the other things you need to do.

The “Inbox” feature of your user account acts just like your email inbox, except that it is clearly dedicated to responses to your Junk Mail ads and email alerts.

My Responses

All responses to your ads or emails alerts are saved to your inbox and sent to your email by default, but if you wish to manage everything online, you can tick the appropriate options under the “My Preferences” tab.

My Responses
Your “Inbox” shows all the responses and alerts you received (newest on top) and allows you to delete the ones you no longer want to keep. The responses are displayed in abbreviated form, and when you click on the subject line it opens the full message as shown in the images.

My Responses

You are also able to filter for responses related to specific ads in your “Inbox”.


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4 Responses

  1. Ernest Hall says:

    How do I know if my advert is receiving any responses ,please?

  2. Jonathan says:

    I have posted 2 ads. on junkmail.
    My ads. are about proofreading so I cannot quote a price (it depends on what has to be proofread). I have therefore added “Contact me.”
    However, I do not see any contact details.
    Do replies to my ads go to you (junkmail) and are then forwarded to me – or, briefly, how does the system work?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      To protect our users’ privacy, we do not display email addresses on the ads at all; you will be able to see your contact number on the far right at the top of the ad response form, but you need to click to show. The contact form on search results and ad details will allow interested parties to contact you. These mails are sent to your user account and will be sent from our mail server ( to your inbox. You can view the person contacting you’s details in the email or when logged into your Junk Mail User Account.

      Thank you for advertising your services on Junk Mail!

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