How to change your region

Junk Mail now caters for buyers, sellers and swoppers in all regions i.e. provinces and some cities, of South Africa.


Selecting a region gives you the convenience of trading with someone who lives in your area.

On our home page, simply click on the Regions bar at the top right hand corner.

Change your region
A list of all our new regions will appear. Click the region you wish to trade in. From now on, all ads you search, browse or filter for will be from the region your specified. You also have the option to change your region at any stage by clicking on the same bar at the top of the page and reselecting your region.

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In the Free Ad form you are also able to specify your region, right up to your suburb, to draw clients that live close to you for easy trading.


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4 Responses

  1. W J Peverelli says:

    I still do not know how to place an ad : “wanted to rent” (flat, granny flat, small house, (not for holidays, but permanent) in a specific area.

  2. sid moodley says:

    Drop down not working for selecting region suburb

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