How to choose the best window frames

Upgrading your home and looking for absolutely gorgeous window frames for sale on Junk Mail? With a wide range of designs and materials to choose from, selecting new window frames can be difficult. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of window frame is helpful during the selection process. Take a look at our blog to explore the different window frame options.

Choosing your window frame

Whether you are building a new house or doing renovations, window frames are an important element in the design of your property. While modern houses are often suited to store bought frames, older properties may require customised frames.

bedroom window

Casement and sliding sash windows are both popular options. Generally the same material is used as the original window during renovations. However if you are replacing all the windows in your house, you can choose a different material.

Each material has pros and cons with regards to its appearance and durability. The window frames that you choose will also depend on your budget. Window frame prices are based on the size and type of window that you choose. Take a look at the different material options that you can choose from when you are looking for window frames for sale.

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Wooden Window Frames

Wooden window frames offer versatility. While hardwood comes with a bigger price tag, it is more durable than other materials. You can use oil to protect your hardwood frames.

Harwood frames can be painted or you can give these frames a natural finish. Softwood is a cost effective option however it requires more maintenance.

example of a wooden window frame

Paint is used to protect softwood frames and enhance their appearance. A natural wood finish is another option if you are opting for wooden window frames.

Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium window frames let the maximum amount of light into your home. As aluminium is a strong material, a thin frame can support big glass panes. If you want to brighten up your home with natural light, find aluminium window frames for sale.

The disadvantage of aluminium is that it conducts heat to the outside of the house. Condensation is more likely to occur with aluminium frames, which is another disadvantage of choosing to use this material.

window frames made from aluminium

Building regulations may stipulate that aluminium frames must have double-glazing to decrease heat loss. The advantage of modern aluminium window frames is that they offer excellent durability.

Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl window frames with double-glazing have the benefit of offering both heat and sound insulation. In addition to offering outstanding insulation, vinyl is also a low maintenance material.

There are a range of finishes to choose from if you use vinyl. White or wood-grain finishes are two popular options.

Steel Window Frames

Steel window frames offer superior strength and durability. The strength of steel allows large glass panes to be supported by a thin window frame. This results in more light entering the room. Not only are steel windows extremely functional, they contribute to the style of your home too.

example of steel window frames

Steel windows help to create an elegant and modern look. This material is also low-maintenance. The long life span of steel window frames makes them a good investment. These types of windows also offer added protection from criminals as well as fire.

Window Frame Styles Available

Now that we know more about the different types of window frames out there, take a look at the different styles that are available.


Awning windows are typically made from wood. These windows are typically customised but standard sizes are also available. Insect screens can be fitted to these windows for extra protection.


Sliding windows are usually made from aluminium. Standard sizes are available. When it comes to finding sliding windows for sale, there is a wide selection of quality and prices to choose from. Different colours are available for sliding windows.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are typically constructed from wood, however aluminium double hung windows are also available. These windows are usually custom made. A roll up or insect screen can be fitted to these windows.

double hung window frames

Side Hung

Side hung windows are made from timber. These windows can be made from hardwood as a durable and low-maintenance option.


Louvre windows are made from aluminium, steel or wood. These windows are generally custom made. Louvre windows have the disadvantage of leaking water when it rains.

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How to choose the best window frames
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How to choose the best window frames
With a wide range of designs and materials to choose from, selecting new window frames can be difficult. Read our blog to explore the different options.
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