How to Create an Extraordinary Aquarium

Aquariums can be used to create a tranquil ambiance in your room. Whether you are looking for an aquarium for your house or business, there are plenty of ways to create a stunning feature. If you find a second hand aquarium for sale, you can use the money you save to make your aquarium extraordinary.


When it comes to aquariums for sale Durban has a wide range of products available. Before you decide what to buy consider how you are going to decorate your fish tank. Once you have set up your tank you can start adding decorative items. Although there are exciting items available, it is important to consider cleaning and maintenance when you are choosing items to add to your tank. It is advisable to choose a few simple decorations that are easy to clean.


Start from the bottom of the tank by selecting the substrate for the floor of the aquarium. You can choose between gravel, stones and glass pebbles. Brightly coloured pebbles can create a striking effect. The substrate that you choose will also depend on the fish in your aquarium as each type of fish thrives under different conditions.


Adding plants to the aquarium is another way to personalise your tank. As well as enhancing the appearance of the tank, plants also give the fish a place to hide. You can choose between colourful plants or ones that have a more natural appearance. Another consideration is whether to buy real or fake plants. The advantage of buying real plants is that they increase the quality of the water in your aquarium.


Once you have set up the base of your tank you can start to add decorative ornaments. It is important to pick ornaments that were manufactured for fish tanks as other items could harm the fish. Popular items include sunken ships, mermaids, divers and fake corals. Adding real corals or stones that you find on the beach is not advisable as they can introduce diseases into your tank.


The fish that you choose will also contribute to the effect that the aquarium creates in your room. Freshwater options include Leopard Cory Cat, Pearl Gourami and Pretty Tetra. Marine fish include Blue Tang, Flame Angelfish and Common Clownfish.


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