How to disable Adblock Plus on your browser

We know that there are many users complaining that they cannot place advertisements or that their ads are being blocked when trying to place a free ad. This problem usually occurs when you have Adblock or any other popup blocker newly installed on your web browser. This is usually automatically enabled and you need to disable it to place your ads on Junk Mail.

We encourage our users to place free ads on our site and that is why we want to give you a guide on how to do this.

The easiest way to remove Adblocker is to click on the Adblock Plus icon in your toolbar (there will be a drop down arrow) where you will have the option to enable or disable Adblock Plus.


If this method is not fast enough for you, you can simply click the middle mouse button or the mouse wheel button on the Adblock Plus icon and it will do the same job.

adblock 2

This is a very quick and easy way of disabling and enabling your Adblock Plus or popup blockers on your browser.

I hope that this helps you in your quest for when you are placing and viewing advertisements on the Junk Mail website

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