How to Find Your Dream Property to Rent

Finding your first property to rent is an exciting experience. With a few helpful tips, the process of finding a house to rent can be hassle free. Although there are plenty of properties available, finding the perfect place will take some research. The first step is to make a list of the factors that will influence your decision. This can include the location of the property as well as nearby transportation networks and amenities. Before you look for flats to rent make sure that you have drawn up a budget that includes additional expenses.


Tips for finding property to rent:


The location of the property is an important consideration. Finding a house that is close to your university or office can save you money on transportation. Living close to where you study or work will also save you time on commuting. The neighbourhood that the property is in is another deciding factor. Make sure you choose a safe neighbourhood that is well kept. When you view the house drive through the neighbourhood to see what condition the communal areas are in. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing home, be aware of any noise pollution in the area. A close proximity to highways, schools or bars can create a disturbance.


Local Amenities

Depending on your interests, the amenities in the area will influence your choice. Sporting enthusiasts should choose a neighbourhood that has facilities such as sports centres, tennis courts or gyms. If you love to go shopping, then a nearby shopping centre will be an added benefit. For young families a close proximity to educational institutes is preferable. Other useful amenities include grocery stores, garages, restaurants and parks.



It is important to consider how you will get around before you decide to rent a property. If you have your own vehicle, check if there is a secure place to park your car. Parking on the street may put your car at risk, so a safe parking spot is essential. Accessibility to a transportation network is crucial if you don’t own a car. Check for nearby bus stops or taxi routes before deciding on a house to rent.



The property that you choose should be in good condition. The plumbing must be well maintained. Dripping taps and leaking toilets are an indication of plumbing problems. Make sure that there are no damp patches on the walls and that the roof is not leaking.



Before you choose a property to rent, make sure that you can afford it. Although the rent may be within your budget, there are other costs to consider. Electricity and water is an additional monthly expense. If the house has a big garden, you may need to employ a gardener which will increase your expenditure. A pool is a great place to relax during summer months but maintaining the pool results in extra expenses. Hiring a domestic worker should also be factored into your budget. A TV licence, and internet connection can incur additional costs. Some rentals also require an additional fee for parking spaces. If the property is unfurnished, you will need to outlay large amounts of money to buy the necessary equipment and appliances.


Once you have considered all the factors, you can choose your ideal first home. Carefully comparing each property to your requirements will help you to make a good match.

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  1. claire says:

    pls l need 2bedroom house for 4000_6000 in woodstock ,salt river ,observatory

  2. linda says:


    Please i need an apartment/flat/ cottage fRom owner or developer,in a secured area, it must be relative quit, not to many tenants. I also have a very small maltese doggy. 7 yrs old and very manured. 2 bed room pref, or 1 huge bedroom. Double garage. Hire neat and clean garden if their is. But, i am compatible. Even with elder people who can respect me and my privacy. This is my preference1st enquiry today. So help if you can. Any place will do on the coast line or close by. Regards photos a must plse

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