How to have a girlfriend by Valentine’s Day


If you have never had someone to share Valentine’s Day with, it might leave you feeling that you missed out on something. We at Junk Mail care about all our users and would like to give you the chance to feel loved this Valentine’s Day.

Here are the best ways to ‘have a girl or boyfriend’ over Valentine’s Day.

Remember, Fake it till you make it!

1. Conjure up a fake girl or boyfriend on Facebook:

– Give your fake partner a believable name and personality.
– Get photos from Rate a Date or any other dating site.
– Create a plausible story, where you met, how long you are dating.
– Know the details; sibling names, pets, sport, hobbies…
– Pretend to make | receive phone calls and texts.
– Have fights, you don’t to fake date a perfect people pleaser.

2. might be your best ‘girlfriend’ ever! She knows you like the back of your, uhm her hand, you have the same interests and it all is just lovely.

This is how it works:
-Login to FakeGirlfriend using your Facebook
-Use Twilio an get your girlfriend a number
-Set-up your girlfriend’s responses
-Text your ‘girlfriend’ and receive a lovely text, which you created.
-Tell everyone how awesome your ‘girlfriend’ is.

3. Buy yourself a doll, name her, dress her and love her.

4. Hire an actor, and pay them good money.

5. Tell everyone you had a girlfriend until Junk Mail published a blog post on “How to be single by Valentine’s Day

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