How to Make Your Advert on Junk Mail Sizzling Hot

Every year one or other Hollywood star is crowed the sexiest man or women alive. It is human nature to be attracted to something that is eye-catching. Most of us find it very difficult to ignore a hot bargain or a super impressive deal. As you all know, Junk Mail is the kingdom of hot bargains.

Many of you reading this have probably placed a free ad with us before. Most of you who have done so have probably had one item that just refuses to get sold. One could argue that the item might be worthless or too expensive, but it might also be because the advert for the item just is not “hot” enough.

Are you ready to make your Junk Mail Adverts Sizzling Hot? Set aside a couple minutes now to learn from our expert bargain pickers and be prepared to be bedazzled as your adverts are bound to get more response after this quick lesson.

Below are just some ways that your adverts can achieve “Epic Hotness” status:

If your wording isn’t working then it is time for a change!

If you have been running an advert for a couple weeks now with no response, it might be time for youto spice up the wording of the advert to grab attention. Make sure that your advert advertises the product in a fun yet sexy way but still gives the user a very good idea of what they are about to buy. Be sure that the correct keywords are included in the advert to spark interest.

Spell it to sell it

Our proofreading team works overtime making sure that your adverts are spelt right, but sometimes spelling errors do slip through. When you create your advert remember to spell check your advert before making it live. If your item is spelt wrong the chances are it won’t be found by buyers who are searching for that item, as the advert is not appearing in searches because of the spelling mistake. It is sometimes the simple details that are stopping you from making the sale.

Make your first line count

It is important to make sure that you sell your super-hot stuff from the word go. Make your title exciting by mentioning why your item is super-hot. For instance, if you are selling your car, and the price is your selling point make sure this deal appears in your title. The more the buyer knows the better. Make sureyou include the colour, year model and any additional features in your description of your advert. If you are battling to sell your second hand car it is also a good idea to read this post for additional car selling tips.

Picture it

Would you buy something if it didn’t have a picture? The same applies with selling your stuff online with Junk Mail.  Some studies have shown that advertising an item with a photo can increase exposure by up to 8 times more than word adverts. You can add up to 15 photos for each advert on Junk Mail, so we suggest you get your camera out and get snappy. The more realistic the picture the better, so try and avoid using Google images as this makes your item look like a scam.

Choose your category wisely

Make sure that your advert is in the correct advertising category. All too often we find amazing adverts in the wrong category. For a first time Junk Mail user it may be a bit difficult to work out which category your advert should be in to get the best exposure. If you are battling to work out where your lost pet advert or your collector’s item should go then please feel free to contact our customer care team at and they will gladly help you. If your item isn’t categorized correctly on the Junk Mail website this means that prospective buyers are not seeing your advert.

Repeat to meet more buyers

It is a good idea to repeat your advert after the first week if your item is not selling. If your stuff is still not selling it may be time for you to edit the advert and make it more appealing to those shop-a-holics out there. If you repeat an advert via the option provided on the confirmation e-mail you receive from us, your advert will move to the top of the free advert listings in its category. Doing this will increase your exposure. Sometimes have your advert for a long time on the site is a good thing, because the longer your advert is online the better your rating is on Google. This means if someone is looking for a fridge for R500 and you have titled your advert as, ‘Fridge for sale R500.’ Google will give them your fridge as an option because your advert has been on our site for a while.

If you have a hot item that everyone is looking for it is obviously easier to make a sale. After you follow this easy sizzling tips your advert should be on its way to ‘epic-hotness’ status.

If you are still unable to sell your stuff it may be time to consider a SMS Bump-up advert or one of our other paid for advertising options. These advertising options will maximize the exposure of your advert by making sure that your advert is refreshed to the top of the ad listing page so that you can attract additional eyeballs to your treasures. Should you be interesting in getting your item better exposure, please contact our Call Centre on 082 236 9666 or e-mail us to find out more information.

If you are a regular Junk Mail user and you have other sizzling hot suggestions to offer please comment on this post.

If you are serious about selling then read all our Junk Mail tips and tricks below:

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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