How to navigate our new Junk Mail Facebook Timeline pages

So you’ve just made your way onto one of the Junk Mail Facebook pages and you’re clueless on how to navigate the new Timeline layout. Well, don’t despair, the Junk Mail team is here to help you to become a Facebook navigation master.

Facebook Timeline for brand pages officially kicked in on the 30th of March 2012. This means that all brand pages that you are a fan of had to change their layout from Saturday last week (this change was announced by Facebook in September last year).

When you arrived on our brand page it was customary for you to click on the various tabs on the left hand side of the page. All these shortcuts have now moved to below the cover image (as seen in the Screenshot below). The Junk Mail Classifieds Facebook Page has been used as an example here.

New Facebook Shortcuts

From Left To Right:

  • The First Shortcut (Photos) will take you to all the photos and albums on the Facebook page
  • The Second Shortcut  (Likes) will bring up more information about the Facebook page you are on.
  • The Third Shortcut (Place a Free Advert) will take you to the Junk Mail Facebook Free Advert Form (which allows you to place Free Adverts straight from Facebook)
  • The Fourth Shortcut (Notes) will bring up all the helpful tips that have been posted on the Facebook Page

These shortcuts may differ from Facebook page to Facebook page, but these icons will be the same on all the Junk Mail Facebook pages. Remember that you can still Place Free Advert via the form that is provided on the Junk Mail website. The Place a Free Ad form on Facebook just makes it easier for you to place a free Ad, load this advert to our wall and continue to chat to your mates all at the same time.

Another big change,  is the way you find recent updates on our brand pages. If you are looking for recent updates from Junk Mail Classifieds brand then you need to click on the Highlights button. This Highlights button allows you to select from a number of options. If you select the ‘Posts by Page’ field you can see all the latest updates from the Junk Mail Classifieds Team. If you have not seen the latest Junk Mail Classifieds update in your Facebook news feed this is a good way to see all the latest news that you may have missed over the last week.



If you are a buyer that is keen to see what the Junk Mail sellers have on offer you need to click on the ‘Post by Others’ tab. Once you click on this option you will be able to see what all the Junk Mail sellers have for sale.

If you have friends that are trying to sell stuff maybe you should tell them about the Junk Mail Classifieds page so that they can start selling their goods socially.  The ‘Friend Activity’ tab allows you to see what your friends have been sharing onto the Junk Mail Classifieds wall.

If you have any queries on how to navigate the new Facebook pages you can message us directly on Facebook or contact our Customer Care Department.

Remember to tune in for the latest Junk Mail Classifieds updates at and feel free to place your adverts on our Junk Mail Facebook walls for all our buyers to see.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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