How to plan the kitchen of your dreams

Are you busy planning your dream kitchen? From finding kitchen cupboards for sale to selecting appliances, there is a wide range of aspects to consider when you are planning your kitchen.

Planning a kitchen renovation can be a nightmare but with a few handy tips you can reduce the hassle of this task. Before starting renovation work you can prepare by looking through kitchen design ideas, considering functionality and choosing the right storage.

kitchen design ideas

Another option is to get assistance from kitchen designers. Adequate preparation is the key to creating your dream kitchen and making your kitchen renovation project a success.

Selecting a Style for your Kitchen Cupboards

The first step is to browse through kitchen design ideas. You can get inspiration from looking through magazines or by searching for ideas online. Platforms like Pinterest offer beautiful kitchen designs.

Once you have a better understanding of what is available, you can select a style that matches your home décor as well as your personal taste. A modern style, which incorporates shiny surfaces and splashes of eye-catching colour, is popular.

Another trending option is a country style which creates a homely and welcoming ambiance in your kitchen. You could also opt for a classical style which incorporates design elements that have stood the test of time. The style that you select will need to take both functionality and aesthetic appeal into account.

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Here you will also have to take into consideration both built in kitchen cupboards as well as if you have the floor space for freestanding kitchen cupboards. If you are unsure, you can always make use of the professional services offered by kitchen designers.

Functionality is important!

When you start looking for kitchen cupboards for sale, functionality is a very important part of the process. As the kitchen is a working area, it is important to consider the functionality of your kitchen design ideas. You will have to decide which appliances you need in your kitchen. Make a list of the appliances that you have and the ones you would like to add to your kitchen. Make sure that you only include appliances that you actually use in order to avoid a cluttered kitchen.

Next you will need to determine how often you use each appliance and the space that it will occupy. Appliances that are only used occasionally can be stored in a cupboard while appliances that are used frequently should be readily accessible. Once you have decided which appliances to include in your kitchen renovation project, you can decide the most convenient place to put each one.

functional kitchen design ideas

Choose Storage

Storage is a vital consideration when you are planning a kitchen. Storage units can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen while adding convenience. When you are selecting kitchen cupboards you will need to consider which door style suits your home best. Options include flat or inset cupboard doors.

While kitchen cupboards for sale are typically made from some sort of wood you could opt for glass door cabinets as well. The advantage of glass is that it offers you a space to showcase expensive dishes. Open shelving is another option. If you can’t make up your mind, you could incorporate two different cupboard styles into your kitchen.

To finish off your cupboards you will need to choose drawer knobs which enhance the design of your kitchen. Kitchen cupboards prices are an important consideration when you are planning your kitchen. Colourful built in kitchen cupboards help to create a fun and creative space to cook in. Try painting with one bold colour and one natural colour for an attractive finish to your cupboards.

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Repainting your current cupboards is an affordable way to give your kitchen a fresh look. A handy tip to remember is that cupboards with a distressed finish handle wear and tear well which decreases maintenance.

A Convenient Kitchen Layout

Layout is an important aspect both when it comes to the use of floor space as well as the layout of your kitchen cupboards. When deciding on the layout you will need to take into account the people who use the kitchen as well as whether you cook often or not. Your kitchen design ideas will influence the layout of your kitchen as well.

If you enjoy entertaining, you will need to ensure that your kitchen has a layout which supports cooking for groups of people. An ergonomical kitchen design adds to the convenience of cooking in your kitchen.

Your kitchen appliances, pots, pans and utensils will also play a role in deciding the layout and size of your built in kitchen cupboards.

functional kitchen layout

Kitchen Cupboards Prices and Budget

Deciding on a budget is important when you are planning your kitchen. While buying cheaper materials can be cost effective in the short-term, it can cause extra expense in the long term. If you are on a tight budget the best option is to look for quality materials that have an affordable price tag. You could also refurbish items that are already in your kitchen to decrease costs.

Kitchen cupboards prices are also influenced by the kitchen tops you choose. The overall cost for example will be higher if you opt for granite tops.

Make use of Kitchen Designers

Another idea is to use the services of kitchen designers. With help from a professional it is easier to create your dream kitchen and find kitchen design ideas that will work for your space. To find the right kitchen designer you will need to take both your requirements and your budget into account. The quality of the kitchen designer’s past work is another important factor to consider.

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Beautiful kitchen design ideas do usually come with a larger price tag – the more detailed the kitchen cupboards, the tops you choose as well the finish will influence the price. Remember to shop around for the best quotes before settling on a designer and supplier.

South African Brands

When it comes to finding cupboards for your kitchen, Weizter manufactures innovative products. Budget kitchens from Weizer have a starting price of R 60 000 while the cost of regular kitchens start at R 80 000. Defy and Bosch are two popular kitchen appliance brands in South Africa.

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How to plan the kitchen of your dreams
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How to plan the kitchen of your dreams
From finding kitchen cupboards for sale to selecting appliances, there is a wide range of aspects to consider when you are planning your kitchen.
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