How to sell your car on Junk Mail

Are you wondering how to sell your car online? There’s a quick and easy option. Place a FREE ad on Junk Mail and connect with potential car buyers across South Africa. Follow the steps below to list your car on Junk Mail.

Here’s how to sell your car on Junk Mail:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Complete the ‘Advertiser Details’ section

    a) Enter your email address. If the email field is already filled in, it’s because the browser you’re using remembers you.

    b) Enter your WhatsApp contact number. The green checkbox is automatically ticked to enable WhatsApp on your advert, but if you don’t want WhatsApp enabled, you can untick this box. Please enter the WhatsApp number without spaces in between.

    c) If you have an additional number you would like to add (that is not your WhatsApp number), please click on ‘Add Contact Number’ and fill in your name and contact number. Please enter the contact number without spaces in between.

    If you are advertising as a business, please click on ‘Add Contact Number’ and tick the box for ‘Business Owners’ in the grey block. Enter Advertiser Details | Junk Mail Ad Placement

  2. Select a category and subcategory

    a) Select ‘Vehicles’ under ‘Choose a Category’.

    b) After clicking on ‘Vehicles’, it will give you a list of options to choose from below your selection. You can then select ‘Cars’. Select the vehicles category on Junk Mail

  3. Fill in the vehicle’s details

    After you’ve selected the subcategory, you’ll need to provide the details of the vehicle that you’re selling.

    a) Select the make of your vehicle, e.g. BMW.

    b) Select the model of your vehicle, e.g. 3 Series

    c) Select the model variant, e.g. 335i Convertible

    d) Select the colour of the vehicle, e.g. Black

    e) Type the mileage in km. Please enter the numbers without spaces in between.
    Mileage is the number of kilometres your car has travelled. You can find the mileage on your car’s dashboard. Your car will either have a mechanical odometer, a digital odometer or it will display your mileage on the dashboard behind the steering in newer vehicles. An odometer can usually be found above, below or next to the km/h counter.

    f) Type in the year model for your vehicle. Please note that this is the year the vehicle was manufactured and not the year you purchased the vehicle.

    g) Select your ad type/intention. You can choose from for sale, for rent, on auction, wanted, contact me, and to swop.

    h) Select the condition of your vehicle. You can choose from used, new or demo.

    i) Add in a description of the vehicle. You’ll need to write at least one sentence.
    A description of the vehicle is extremely important. The more information you can provide about the vehicle’s condition and features, the better since it helps people find it. You can mention things like upgraded mags, leather or material upholstery, service and accident history, engine performance, safety features, modifications made and more. You should also explain why you’re selling the car. It’s important to be honest and transparent and mention as much information as possible about the vehicle.

    j) Add the region where you’re selling the vehicle. You can select your province, city and suburb. Fill in the vehicle's details on ad placement | Junk Mail

  4. Upload photos of the vehicle you’re selling

    Complete your ad by adding images of your vehicle. Select the “Choose photos to upload” button or drag and drop the images into the box.

    a) The minimum image resolution accepted is 300 x 200 pixels.

    b) You can add up to 20 images on your advert.

    c) Use high-quality photos that are taken with good, natural lighting.

    d) Make sure the buyer can see the vehicle from all angles, interior and exterior. Also, take a photo of the dashboard in order for the buyer to see the mileage on the vehicle. Add photos to your car advert on Junk Mail

  5. Submit your advert

    Click the big green button at the bottom of your form and submit your advert.

    If you’ve clicked ‘Preview’, you’ll see that at the top of the preview page you can choose to edit or submit your advert. Submit your car advert on Junk Mail

Bonus Tips:

  • If you accidentally close the page or your browser without completing your ad, an email will be sent to you prompting you to complete your advert. It saves your progress as you fill in the form, so you can pick up where you’ve left off if something unexpected happens.
  • You can increase your chances of getting interaction with your advert by completing all the sections of the form. Incomplete adverts that don’t have images are less likely to attract the attention of potential buyers.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Poorly written adverts are a deterrent to potential buyers.
  • If you’re selling more than one vehicle, create an advert for each one. It will help users find your advert when they search for it on the site or search engines.
  • Required fields will be marked with a red *. This means you cannot submit your advert without filling in these fields. If you try to submit your vehicle advert while one of those fields are incomplete, it will take you back to the first empty field and highlight that field in red.
Fill in all your details on the ad placement form | Junk Mail

Now that you know how to sell your car online, you can visit Junk Mail and place a FREE advert, quickly and easily.

How to sell your car on Junk Mail
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How to sell your car on Junk Mail
Are you wondering how to sell your car online? There’s a quick and easy option. Place a FREE ad on Junk Mail & connect with potential car buyers across SA.
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Junk Mail
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