How to work safely with a chainsaw

Whether you are doing a DIY project or you need more tools for your business, a chainsaw is a useful piece of equipment. When it comes to finding a chainsaw for sale there are plenty of trustworthy brands in South Africa. A Stihl chainsaw is a popular option or you could choose to buy a Ryobi chainsaw.


Stihl chainsaw prices offer excellent value-for-money. You can sell your tools or find a chainsaw for sale on Junk Mail. A chainsaw is an extremely useful tool but it is important that you know how to operate it safely first. Following safety guidelines is crucial to avoiding accidents. There are handy techniques that you can use which make it easier to get the job done. Here are some useful safety tips, but make sure you read the instructions in your chainsaw manual too.

You can use the top or bottom of the chainsaw for cutting, but make sure that you stay clear of the chainsaw’s kickback zone. The kickback zone is the top part of the bar’s edge. The danger of using the edge of the chainsaw is that if it comes into contact with an object when it is switched on, it will cause the chainsaw to lift up and then come back towards you. Newer chainsaws have a chain brake which helps decrease the chances of serious injury if a kickback occurs. Typically, the bottom part of the bar is used for cutting as it offers a more comfortable grip as well as more control. You may need to cut with the top of the chainsaw which is possible if you follow the necessary precautions.


Safety gear is crucial when you are operating a chainsaw. Specially designed chaps will help to protect your thighs. Another useful item of safety equipment is a helmet which includes face and ear protection. Wearing safety boots is advisable as well as a long shirt and pants.

Before you start operating your chainsaw, get a feel for how it works. Make sure that it is kept in good working order and that you are comfortable using it before you start cutting. An important part of preparation is to check the chain tension. Recheck the tension if you are using the chainsaw for long periods. If the chain is new, it is crucial to check it frequently. A loose chain can cause major accidents as well as damage the chainsaw.

Prior to cutting down trees, assess the situation in order to determine the safest way to proceed. Make sure that any branches you cut will not cause damage. Be aware of potential dangers and make sure that you work with a partner who can provide assistance if there is an accident. As an additional precaution, make sure you have a cell phone to call for help. Make sure that you rest if you are tired to prevent mistakes that could lead to an accident. Make sure that the chain is well maintained and sharp.


There are many reasons why finding a chainsaw for sale is a great idea. Chainsaws are fast and efficient. If operated properly, they can be used for many purposes including clearing trees or cutting firewood. Buying a second hand model is an affordable way to add a chainsaw to your tools. It is important to make sure that you are buying a chainsaw that is in good condition. Well maintained chainsaws are both safer and easier to use. Make sure that there are no cracks in the case and that the bars are not damaged. If the saw is dirty it can be an indication that it has not been well looked after by its previous owner. Make sure that the chain is not loose and that the cutting teeth are sharp. If the cutting teeth are worn down, you will have to add the expense of buying a new chain. Check that the drive chain is in working order.


As well as checking the condition of the chainsaw, it is advisable to buy from a reputable brand. Stihl chainsaws is a well-known brand in South Africa which meets international standards. Their excellent performance and cutting-edge design add to their appeal. Models range from 1. kW to 6.4 kW and they are designed for a wide range of applications. Ryobi manufactures reliable chainsaws that are easy-to-use. Their excellent reputation makes this brand a popular choice on the local market. Reef chainsaws offer an excellent performance. Reef strives to meet the needs of their customers and this is evident in the design of their chainsaws.

You can find chainsaws for sale on Junk Mail. Here are some of the tools that are available for sale online.

New Lawnstar

Priced at R 2 700 this Lawnstar chainsaw for sale is available for sale in Pretoria East. It has a 50 cm chain bar as well as a 2.4 kW engine.



This 45cc petrol chainsaw is for sale for R 1890 in Pretoria. It is a 1 1.8 kW model with a 40cm guide bar. Spares are available. It has safety features such as anti kick-back as well as a chromium safety chain.

chainsaw- for-sale

Stihl Chainsaw

A Stihl Chainsaw is for sale for R 1800. This MS230 model is available from Pinetown.


From a Ryobi to a Stihl chainsaw, you will find the perfect chainsaw for sale on Junk Mail! Selling your saw? Place your free ad on now!

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