Install rainwater tanks and save water the smart way

Whether you are looking for some great water saving tips or ways you can save on your utility bill, finding water tanks for sale on Junk Mail is a great idea. Say goodbye to big, unsightly rainwater tanks and hello to tanks with slim line designs (some even looking like garden pots) that beautifully complement your home.

A quick note on rainwater harvesting

A rainwater harvesting system is responsible for catching up the water flow from your roof – rainwater that would usually just flow off. The system entails a water tank being fitted to the downpipe of your roof. This means that, when it rains, your connected gutters will ‘divert’ the rainwater into your tank.

Rainwater tanks like these usually have a filter or a screen that catches up things like leaves, preventing it from flowing, along with the water, into your tank.


Rainwater harvesting systems can get quite complex as well. While some tanks are fitted with just a tap (for an easy hose connection) others can be fitted with a pump to help with water pressure. Other, more complex systems are also available entailing a water filtration system that makes the rainwater adequate for human consumption.

Finding the perfect water tanks for sale

Now that you know a little bit more about rainwater harvesting, it’s time to check out the types of water tanks for sale that can help you get water wise and saving like a boss. We are highlighting just three of the great options available. Note that these options were chosen because of their appealing look and functionality, especially when it comes to smaller spaces.

Before buying your tank, be sure to do your research about the brand, the tank itself and whether the tank will be adequate for your home and what you want to use your harvested rainwater for.

Gardenmaster Rainwater Tanks

Available at places like Makro, Gardenmaster offers stunning 500 litre rainwater tanks fitted with a tap. Designed to look like a stunning pot for plants, this water tank price comes in at just over R 2 000. Weighing 18 kilogrammes, these ‘pots’ have a height of 148 centimetres and a length and width of 85 centimetres.

rainwater tank from gardenmaster

Image Source: Makro Website.

Pioneer Plastics

If you are looking for a water tank that will not only have a functional purpose, but a decorative one as well, Pioneer Plastics offer a range of great rainwater harvesting tanks. Fitted with taps for easy connection and use, you can choose tanks from 300 litres all the way up to 1 000 litres. A very cool tank from Pioneer Plastics is the 500 litre Tank that also features a plant bowl.

rainwater tank from pioneer plastics

Image Source: Pioneer Plastics Website.

Urban Rain Systems

Also offering a range of water tanks for home use, Urban Rain Systems features a host of products as well as accessories like pumps. From tanks with a capacity of 1000 litres to large tanks with capacities of up to 5000 litres, these rainwater tanks are great and pretty.

The RainCell Flat top and Planter Tank not only has a capacity of 1100 litres but has a planter incorporated into its design, allowing for great space to add some green beauties.

raincell water tank

Image Source: Urban Rain Systems.

If you are ready to find water tanks for sale on Junk Mail, be sure to check out all the deals listed to get a great price on a top quality water tank. From traditional water tanks to those with a stunning design twist, you will find it on Junk Mail. Remember, the water tank price will depend on various factors, including its size or capacity as well as functionality, so keep this in mind when shopping around for prices.

What you can use your harvested rainwater for

From using your harvested rainwater for irrigation to investing in a more intricate rainwater harvesting system, there are some great uses for rainwater. Whether you are looking for water saving tips or just a way to cut your water bill, rainwater tanks are a great addition to any home.

Watering the garden is probably one of the most common uses of harvested rainwater. Great for everything from watering the flowers to giving your lawn the much needed hydration after a hot summer day, using your stored rainwater for irrigation helps keep your bill down and is a great way to save water.

using harvested rainwater

Stored rainwater is also great for everything from washing the car and filling the pool, to cleaning floors, your outdoor garden furniture and filling your ponds and other water features.

More intricate rainwater harvesting systems (along with the help of professionals) will also allow you to use your harvested rainwater indoors. From using the water to wash clothing and flush toilets, water filtration systems can also allow you to use your harvested rainwater for everything from cooking to drinking and showering.

Remember, harvesting rainwater is about so much more than just saving water. By using your harvested rainwater, you can help to reduce the demand on our existing water systems. We do have shortages and, with restrictions already in place, saving water is a big deal.

If you would like more information on how you can save water, read our “Water Saving Tips: Water Restrictions in SA and how to save water” post on the Junk Mail blog.

Placing your water tank

After you have found the perfect water tanks for sale on Junk Mail, you have to decide where the best place to put it is.

You will need to choose a level surface right next to a wall of your house. If you can find a space in the shade and a little more hidden from the elements, all the better. When it comes to your roof and the downpipe, choose the largest roof surface as this will allow for more water ‘catch-up’.

Remember, the less of a hassle using your harvested water is, the better. If you are going to install a pump (and other systems) to your rainwater tank, be sure to keep this in mind, thinking of both a power supply as well as leaving adequate space for your tank accessories.

water tank placement

Upgrading your water tank? Out with the old and in with the new! Place your free ad on Junk Mail and make a couple of extra bucks for whatever you want to buy next.

Some benefits of rainwater harvesting

Being able to harvest rainwater has some great advantages. Aside from saving on your monthly utility bill and cutting down on costs (an already great advantage), using stored rainwater helps to reduce the demand we are placing on our water supply as well as water treatment systems.

By using less water (without having to use less water), you can supplement your home’s water usage even during times when water restrictions are in place. More economical, it is also a ‘green’ choice, helping to fully utilise our resources and save when and where it is needed.

rainwater harvesting

Saving on outdoor uses of water (like that of your pool and garden) is always a plus and, with a more advanced system, you can even save water inside – from your washing machine to your bathroom. Though an initial investment is needed, a rainwater harvesting system at home might pay off in the long run and is definitely worth considering.

Ready to find water tanks for sale on Junk Mail? With great deals on water tanks, you are sure to find a tank that is perfect for your home.

Install rainwater tanks and save water the smart way
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Install rainwater tanks and save water the smart way
Say goodbye to big, unsightly rainwater tanks and hello to tanks with slim line designs that beautifully complement your home.
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