Get your lawn in shape with no fuss by using instant lawn

Are you upgrading your garden? Instant lawn is an excellent investment as it increases the value of your home. Instant grass is a beautiful addition to your landscape and it also has benefits for the environment. The therapeutic benefits of grass add to its appeal. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your garden, consider buying instant lawn on Junk Mail.

Instant Lawn

Selecting and installing instant grass

When you’re choosing the right lawn for your garden, it’s important to select a variety of grass that grows well in your local climate. You’ll also need to consider how much sun your garden gets as well as the time that you have available to spend on maintenance tasks. Instant grass can be added to your garden all year round. The most important concern is having sufficient water to promote its healthy growth. Once your instant lawn has been delivered, you’ll need to plant it within two days.

In order for the planting process to be successful, you’ll need to prepare the soil properly. Start by loosening the soil to a depth of between 50 to 100mm. You’ll also need to clear any stones from the area. Distribute fertiliser across the area and use a rake to gently spread it across the first layer of soil. Roll out your instant lawn and ensure that it makes good contact with the ground. Watering your grass is vital during this initial period. It’s advisable to refrain from mowing your lawn during the first few weeks. Here are some of the benefits of an instant lawn:

  • Cost-effective

Instant lawn increases the aesthetic appeal of your garden while offering plenty of other benefits. Investing in the landscape surrounding your home adds value to your property. Instant lawn is an affordable solution when compared to the cost of covering your outdoor area with alternative materials. It’s a cost-effective option when compared to the expense of synthetic turf, concrete or sandstone. It’s also more affordable than installing paving or setting up garden beds.

Save time with Instant Lawn

  • Saves time

Cultivating seeds is time-consuming, which means that using instant grass is a more efficient option. If you don’t have time to grow your lawn from scratch, instant grass is an excellent solution. Instant lawn is grown professionally, which means that it benefits from the best soil as well as optimal fertilisation and watering. The end result is healthy grass with strong roots. This type of grass lays the ultimate foundation for the landscape surrounding your home. The grass has no weeds because it’s grown by experts and its density reduces the risk of weed growth when it’s planted in your garden. With less chance of weeds spreading in your garden, this lawn requires less maintenance.

  • Therapeutic influence

Grass helps to create a natural environment in your garden, which has therapeutic benefits. Instant grass is an excellent solution for families as it helps to decrease the risk of injuries when children are playing outside. The density of instant lawn means that it absorbs noise and helps to create a tranquil atmosphere on your property. Having a peaceful outdoor space to relax in helps to reduce stress levels.

Instant Lawn

  • Beneficial for the environment

The grass covering reduces the risk of erosion, which is better for the environment. The grass stops soil from being washed away by water or from being blown away by wind. Not only is soil erosion bad for the environment, the soil can also be pushed into drains and other areas of your property that will need to be cleaned out. The roots of the grass help to keep the soil in place. Instant lawn also reduces greenhouse gases and produces oxygen.

Instant Lawn

Now that you know more about instant lawn, you can upgrade your garden effortlessly. The therapeutic and aesthetic advantages of this grass make it a popular option. It also saves time and effort on garden maintenance tasks.

Instant lawn - Get your lawn into shape with no fuss | Junk Mail Blog
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Instant lawn - Get your lawn into shape with no fuss | Junk Mail Blog
Are you upgrading your garden? Instant lawn is an excellent investment as it increases the value of your home. Consider buying instant lawn on Junk Mail.
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