Interior Decorating Tips: Colour palette trends for 2015

Whether you are redecorating your home, or moving into a new place, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the latest trends in colour use. It will help you to create a modern space that is appealing to the eye and a joy to spend your time in. It will also bring cohesion to any room and help make your furniture look their best. Here are some great colour schemes to inspire your home…

Colour palette trends for 2015

Soft pastels

Use muted palettes of pinks, greens, blues and sunset peach to create a soft and dreamy space.



Bring the Mediterranean into your home by incorporating Greek blue and white. Pink and grey work well with it and create a luxurious feel.


Sour green

A very popular trend in interior design colour this season is the use of sour green with any other prominent or muted colour.



Combine colours like beige, plum, cerulean blue, olive green to bring the renaissance period into a room.



Create a warm atmosphere in any room with tones of rust, aubergine, dusty mint, and burnt orange.


Bold and striking

If you are brave enough, go for bold, striking colours and don’t be stingy in using them! Think bright pink, yellow, orange, citrus green, purple and turquoise.


Splashes of colour

Use classic colour schemes of whites, creams and greys and add just a splash of colour here and there, like a red, or green, or yellow to break the monotony and make your room vibrant.


60’s retro

Bring the 60’s back by using shades of brown, orange and olive throughout your room and decorate it with retro furniture.


Shades of grey

Grey is very hot this season, not only at the movies, but in interior decorating as well. Use different shades of grey and charcoal to create a stunning space.


Glossy blue

A big trend this season is deep rich blues with a glossy finish. You can pair this with white, or with warm tones for a beautiful space.



Lastly, Olive green is quite popular this season. You can make it the prominent colour in a room to add warmth and pair it with many other complementing colours.


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