Interior Decorating Tips: Your style defined

Are you redecorating or moving into a new home soon and not quite sure how you will be able to create a beautiful, yet functional living space that will make you and your family happy?

Keep your eye on the Junk Mail Blog in the coming weeks for some great Interior Decorating tips. Not everyone can afford the services of an Interior Designer, but empowered with a little knowledge and some DIY tricks, anyone can turn their home into their dream home.

What’s your style?

Start here. You kind-of know what you like, you kind-of know what you want, but can you put a ‘name’ to your style? Well, we can help. Unless “mismatched chaos” is your style, knowing and being able to define your own style is the first step to creating a beautiful living space that “works” well and is cohesive throughout.

Do some research online, flip through Interior Decorating magazines and visit some furniture retailers. Make note of specific styles and items that immediately draw your attention and generally would make you happy to see in your own home. Once you have a list or pictures of these items or styles, try and match it with one of the following ‘official’ Interior Decorating styles. This should help you to ‘define’ your style and give you some good decorating guidelines for your home.

Remember, if you like more than one Interior Decorating style, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate various styles throughout the different rooms of your home. Just be sure to keep it cohesive, as it should still ‘make sense’ and stay true to your style.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is soft, opulent and cottage-styled furniture and decorating with an antique appearance, that give the impression of being old and worn out. It also has a ‘French’ feel to it.


English Country

English Country can be defined as rustic, traditional, warm and comfortable with antique elements. Use different textures, including fabrics, wool, wood, carpeting etc. A fireplace is the ideal feature to create that English country feel.



Vintage, otherwise called Retro (as in retrospective) refers to ‘style of a previous era’. It is the old, that’s still of great quality and value, incorporated into your decorating.



Wood, stone, natural colours and fabrics, texture, warmth, cosiness, clean lines… These are the words and elements that would describe a true modern rustic space.



What defines modern are clean, straight lines. It’s crisp, sharp and sophisticated. Mission style, Art Deco and Shaker styles fall into Modern Interior Decorating.



“Doing more with less” is the motto of Minimalist design. A minimalist space would be reduced only to necessary elements to create an impression of extreme simplicity. Every element in a Minimalist space should serve multiple visual and functional purposes.



Tuscan style is old-world European, dramatic, elegant, warm, refined and gently aged. It’s bringing the colours and beauty of the Mediterranean into your home.



Victorian décor would be typical of that period – nineteenth century England, during the reign of Queen Victoria. It would be ornate and excessive decoration, antique elements, orderliness and ornamentation, with a modern interpretation.



Moroccan décor has strong Arabian, French and Spanish influence and elements, it’s colourful, warm and textured. Bold patterns are signature to Moroccan style.



Incorporate beautiful and opulent elements into your room, soft pastel colours, baroque features and antiques to create that old, yet modern French look.



A Classic space is ageless, elegant and sophisticated, yet uncomplicated. It has beautiful, high-quality elements and fabrics, and solid, muted patterns.



Create an Oriental-inspired space with Japanese and Chinese elements. Minimalism is at the core of Asian-inspired design, and it promotes harmony and flow of energy.



Lofts and reclaimed industrial spaces are perfect for this design that incorporates exposed brick walls, concrete and wood flooring, bare ceilings, structural beams and metal air ducts. A lot of texture and neutral colours are used to maximise large open spaces to create that industrial look.


Spanish Colonial

Incorporate typical Spanish Colonial elements into your décor, including bright colours, antiques, wood beams, bold Spanish patterns, and rich textures.



Bring the beach into your home with coastal colours and textures. Create a beach cottage feel with ‘breezy’ colours, including, whites, blues, creams, and wood, shells, glass, window panels and natural light.


Now that you are more acquainted with your personal décor style, it’s time to start planning and shopping for that perfect space. Find great bargains on furniture for sale on Junk Mail to create your dream home with.

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