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Everyone in South Africa keeps saying that they would love it to braai every day. But in most cases we only manage to braai over weekends and a few of us once during the week a little more if we are at our holiday accommodation. But seeing as summer is here, if you could call it summer and not a heat wave, standing outside next to your braai is a great way to spend a summer’s night. Whether you use a gas braai of a conventional burning fire braai, it’s always good.

There is however one South African that has been having a braai everyday since 17 April 2009. Yes that is right 922 days or 2 years, 6 months and 9 days. That loyal braaier is none other than BraaiBoy. For BraaiBoy what started out as a bet soon turned into a lifestyle that has loads of his fans green with envy.  The bet stated that he should braai every day for a year. That year has since passed but BraaiBoy has not stopped braaing.

Luckily I could ask BraaiBoy some questions the other day, you would not believe how busy a guy that braais every day can get. He spent the whole day on set for the TV show Bring & Braai but still took the time to answer a few questions just for us.

JM: Is there anything you have learnt over your time braaing every day that you can share with us?

BB: I’ve learned that chicken isn’t a vegetable. I’ve also learnt that there’s no “right way” to braai: Ask 100 people how they start their fire or like their meat prepared/spiced etc. and you’re likely to get 100 answers.

JM: Why are you still braaing every day even when you have won the bet?

BB: Once the year was up, I was having so much fun with the idea, that I just carried on with it. I’m meeting all sorts of interesting people during my little adventure, it would be a shame to end it… or it may just be an OCD thing.

JM: Is there anything exciting happening on the BraaiBoy calendar that you wat us to know about?

BB: I’m doing a lot of “private parties” during Nov & Dec, so I don’t have anything specific to share right now. However, as soon as I’ve rustled up enough sponsors, I’ll be taking on the world record for the longest continuous braai – aiming for early December. Keep an eye on my website or Facebook/Twitter. As soon as I’ve got the final details I’ll let everyone know about it – and yes, everyone’s invited.

JM: Name one thing that braaing everyday has given you the opportunity to do that you don’t think you would have been able to do without being BraaiBoy?

BB: There’s so many things, but being on TV would probably rank up there in the top 3. I’m also doing a lot of “braaingterviews” (check my YouTube channel) and meeting some of South Africa’s coolest musos.

JM: And of course what is your favourite thing to braai or you favourite braai combo?

BB: You can’t go wrong with a nicely aged rump steak (done medium-rare). My favourite “non-meat” thing to braai though is by far the Braai Pie (recipe on my website).

So what are you waiting for? If Braaiboy can get his braai on every day, you can too.

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