Introducing Google Chromecast

Ever wished that you could view video content on your mobile phone, Desktop PC, laptop or tablet PC on a bigger screen without going through the hassle of buying and sorting out cables that clutter up your living space? Great News, the future is here! This is now possible with Google Chromecast.

Google Chromecast

This awesome device was unveiled yesterday. Google Chromecast enables you to stream online content on your television and is compatible with various mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops and desktops.  The device will become compatible with more and more apps over the next few months, but you don’t need to perform some major device maintenance yourself, this is the 21st century you know: the device updates itself automatically.

Here are some other key points about Google Chromecast:

  • The device is USB powered.
  • Google Chromecast is remote free.
  • It connects to televisions via HDMI and supports both video and music content.
  • The device connects to other devices using wi-fi.
  • Google Chromecast runs a simple version of Chrome OS.
  • It’s integrated in mobile apps. Users can easily stream content to their television sets by pressing the Chromecast button.
  • Users can control the TV content from their broadcasting device (phone, tablet PC, desktop PC or laptop).
  • You can still multitask on your mobile phone, tablet PC or Desktop PC while content is being streamed from it on your television.
  • Google Chromecast is not limited to Android devices. The device is cross-platform compatible. Apple iPads and Apple iPhones are already supported by it.
  • The device currently works with Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music and YouTube.
  • If you have a desktop PC Google Chromecast will be integrated into your YouTube web player.
  • Google Chromecast won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The device costs only $35 (Roughly R350) in the US. A three month Netflix subscription is also included in the deal which makes it even more attractive for consumers.

This is pretty awesome. No more huddling around your phone, tablet or laptop’s small screen to watch a movie or check out the latest viral clip on YouTube. You got to love technology.  Unfortunately it’s uncertain if Google Chromecast will be making its way to South Africa. Let’s hold thumbs and hope that it does in the near future. I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed when you check out the promo video for Google Chromecast below.

So, what do you think of Google Chromecast? Do you think it’s over rated or are you over the moon with excitement? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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  1. Rudi Bartsch says:

    I wonder how a South African would go about acquiring one. I hope electronic stores like Dion Wired will start stocking this soon.

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