Introducing The Annual Toy Drive

The Annual Toy Drive is an initiative that Shana Kay had been thinking about for years but  she was not sure of the way to go about it. In 2008 she decided to take the chance and hosted the first of what would become an annual event. The first Toy Drive was a great success and well attended.

So What Exactly is the Toy Drive? Well, the Toy Drive is aimed at raising toys for Hospital play areas, orphanages and charities with a youth focus. Shana Kay started the Toy Drive as a way to help those who would like to give back to society, but were not sure how to do it. Being a frequent visitor at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital as a child due to Epilepsy (which she has since outgrown), the Annual Toy Drive is one of the ways she gives back to society.

So, How can you help? Wel, easy all attend the event scheduled for the 10th of December, drop a toy or some cash, have fun – that’s it. Should you choose to participate in the delivery, you can let Shana know.

The word toy and that in in fact covers a wide variety of categories: Teddy bears, story books, coloring books, puzzles, play dough, dolls, lego toys / building blocks, kiddie ball and bat sets, sporting kits, sports equipment, educational toys, etc.

The proposed venue for this year’s Annual Toy Drive is Emmerentia Dam in Johannesburg. The event is planned for the 10th of December 2011 and starts at 2 PM. The aim of this event to have picnic in the park  where we can relax, drop off some toys or baby things and enjoy the afternoon.

Your contribution? Pitch up, contribute some items and then relax. A jumping castle will be arranged for the kids and a few other items. Watch this space for more details.

So What happens after the event? In the days after the event the Toy Drive team will get together to parcel toys into various care packages for delivery to the various charities. The car club (which is still to be confirmed) will be delivering various care packages to the selected charities. Driving in convoy delivering the packages is also quite an experience to be part of. Watch this space for more details.

Any other ideas are welcome, please e-mail them to For more information about the Annual Toy Drive, contact Shana Kay on 082 8097509, visit them at or follow them via @annualtoydrive on Twitter. You can also check out the Annual Toy Drive Event on Facebook.

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