iOS 9 to enhance your iPod Touch experience

Anticipation is mounting as the release date for the iOS 9 draws closer. This operating system will be compatible on the iPod Touch 5th/6th generation as well as other Apple devices. You can sell your device or find an iPod for sale on Junk Mail. When it comes to the iPod Nano price and the iPod touch price both devices offer great value for money. The iPod Classic is another affordable option.


What can be expected from iOS 9

iOS 9 will offer an enhanced user experience. Useful apps and exceptional features will increase the efficiency of your day to day activities. With Smart technology the operating system offers you suggestions to help you complete tasks before you ask for assistance. Upgrades to the operating system offer a superior performance and battery life. iOS 9 also has improved security features. If you are looking for a Mp3 player for sale, there are plenty of reasons to buy an iPod Touch that will be iOS 9 compatible.


iOS 9 apps were created with your important everyday tasks in mind. It makes it simple to access your mail and messages. Web browsing is also easy on this operating system. The innovative news app will alter the way that you engage with the news. The news app can be accessed from your home screen. It stores the articles that you are interested in from leading news sources. This app stores the topics that interest you all in one place. Captivating articles have an aesthetically appealing layout and the articles are complemented by photo galleries. Whether you are interested in fashion or sport, you can choose what you want to read about with the added convenience of doing so on your fifth and sixth generation iPod. The Smart app adjusts its selection according to the types of articles that you read the most. Another note-worthy improvement elevates the Notes App transforming it into a platform that is more than just a place to record your thoughts. The app allows you to make checklists, add maps or create a sketch with your finger. iCloud makes it possible to update your notes on other devices.


The Maps app offers you guidance when you are catching public transport. In specific cities an additional Transit view depicts lines as well as stations on the map. The Nearby Feature makes it simple to find places of interest around you such as retail outlets and restaurants. The smart search function offers suggestions prior to your requests. In your contacts it is easy to reach the people who you speak to most frequently. Apps appear according to your preferences and routines. When you insert your earphones the iOS 9 judges that you might want to complete the unfinished podcast that you were listening to previously making it great for the iPod user on the go. When you link your device to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth your preferred playlist pops up. If you schedule appointments with iOS 9, it will check traffic information and alert you when you need to leave.


Updates to the operating system offer an impressive performance and a great reason to find an iPod for sale. Apps are optimised to maximise the battery life of the device. The Low Power mode allows you to make your battery last even longer. Convenient updates use less space and are activated at times when you require the operating system the least. Another benefit of having iOS 9 is that it offers quicker scrolling as well as better animation.

iOS 9 has increased security with a six-digit passcode and two-factor authentication. While they are easy-to-use the safety features also offer superior protection.

It is convenient to move from Android to iOS. All you need to do is use the ‘Move to iOS’ app and you can transfer to your new operating system. The process is secure and it makes your contacts and photos available on your Apple device. Your other data is also moved across during the transfer.


iOS 9 will be compatible with other Apple devices such as the iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 plus as well as the iPad Air 2, Air, 2, 3rd generation, 4th generation, Mini 3, Mini 2, Mini and Touch 5th generation.


With its fantastic performance and variety of convenient features, iOS 9 is expected to provide a pleasurable user experience. Keep a look out for confirmation of the release date of iOS 9. Not only does it increase the efficiency of everyday life, but it also has a stylish exterior design.

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