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After Blackberry had a slight crisis last week a lot of people have been looking around for new smartphones for sale. There are literally hundreds of smartphones on the market and it seems that one that has been in the spotlight the past week has been the iPhone by Apple.

The iPhone has for a long time been a smartphone that loads of people liked but few in South Africa possessed. This was at first due to it not being available in South Africa and when the smartphone eventually launched in the South African market it was way too expensive. Since MTN has entered the iPhone playground in South Africa, the iPhone has become more affordable. Some people still argue that Blackberry and other smartphones are cheaper. This is a common myth and this article by Marc Forrest gives you a nice breakdown of the expenses you will be looking at when owning an iPhone.

On the 4th of October Apple announced the newest iPhone to join the iPhone family. The iPhone 4s is the upgraded big brother of the iPhone 4. Let’s have a look at the 3 biggest major changes to the iPhone 4 that has changed it into the iPhone 4s.

The iPhone 4s uses the new dual-core A5 chip. Mainly this will make the iPhone 4s a bit better at processing things faster than the iPhone 4.

·      The iPhone 4s camera has been upgraded to 8 megapixels that is remarkably sharper than its iPhone 4 predecessor. One of the nice things about the better camera is that video recording now happens at 1080p full HD instead of 720p HD. This is a great feature for all you snappy camera addicts that like to capture every photo and video moment with your phone. The biggest selling point for most content creators is the ability to play back these momentous occassions on your full HD TV thanks to the onboard video capabilities.

·    For all of you on-the-go mobile workers the iPhone 4s will create an ease of life and possibly make all your dreams come true because of its newsest application known as, Siri. What is Siri you may ask?  Basically it is an App that lets you talk to your iPhone 4s. When you ask Siri: “What will the weather be like today?” it will do the manual work of using the phone to find out what the weather will be like for you and then reply with something like: “Seems like it will be a nice sunny day, you can leave you umbrella at home.” For more information on Siri you can read this article on Memeburn.com.

Sex appeal is everything and the iPhone 4s looks good in either black or white (depending which colour suits your lifestyle better). It has the same stylish finish as its little brother the iPhone 4 but allows users to tap into more accessories. If you are holding out for a new look, it might still be a while as the iPhone 5 will most likely have a new design but will probably only be released by Apple next year.

One great thing about the release of a new iPhone is that the older models will have a drop in price. You will now start finding an iPhone for sale for a lot cheaper than previously available. There will also be an increase in second hand iPhone sales as people who own the iPhone 4 may choose to upgrade for the new iPhone 4s. If you have always wanted an iPhone the smart move might be picking up a used iPhone for sale now because the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s do not differ much from one another but there will be a considerable difference in the price between the two.

If ever there was a time to make your move to the smartphone group it would be now. Getting an iPhone as a smartphone will not be a bad choice and with the price drop about to happen you might want to keep an eye on iPhone classified ads.

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