Johannesburg: A place to live work, play and shop

Johannesburg: A city bustling with locals, entrepreneurs, tourists and students…It is the heart of South Africa. As the economic playground for the country, it is also known as ‘the city of Gold’.

For those looking for property for sale in Johannesburg, a few notes to take:

Johannesburg is a fast- moving city, and as we are moving ahead in time, it is one of the cities in the world being watched for future transformation and innovation. It is the central node of South Africa’s networking platform.

So why wouldn’t you take advantage of the great nature of such a beautiful city?


Many companies’ head offices are based in Johannesburg- from media houses like the SABC in Auckland Park, to banking and investment corporate companies like FNB in the central part of Johannesburg and Investec and other companies in the Sandton area. Johannesburg is the economic central of South Africa.

When it comes to area attractions and things to do in Johannesburg, not including the weekend events that take place in the city; Johannesburg has some of the most beautiful malls, like: the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Clearwater Mall on the North Side of Johannesburg or East Gate Mall for those staying in the east.


With so many malls, Johannesburg is a shopping paradise for any shopaholic.

Then there are theme parks, hotels and casinos, such as Carnival City and Emperors Palace on the East of Johannesburg, Gold Reef City in the South and Monte Casino in Fourways.


Living in Johannesburg is more than just being in the city, it becomes a lifestyle. The place tries to cater for just about everybody. In fact, recently they tried to cater for beach goers by scattering sand on a Braamfontein building, and they called it ‘The Beach’- it is a nice place to hang out. They have beach umbrellas, sand, cocktails… except the actual beach.


Innovative! That is the thing about Johannesburg, is it a fun place filled with opportunities. Entrepreneurs see a market and seize it.

There are also many clubs, coffee shops, and boutiques; people do not only come to Johannesburg seeking employment, they also go there to build a business, even from their homes. Some small companies operate in residential areas such as Randburg and Fourways.

House-for-sale-in-JohannesburgThere are houses for sale in Johannesburg from prices starting at R450 000 all the way up to R20 million. It is because there are a range of areas to look for property for sale in Johannesburg that the prices are so diverse.

So although people say property in Johannesburg can be expensive, which is true, it can also be very affordable… if you know where to look. With classified websites, hunting for property in Johannesburg is easier than ever.

Whether you are a business individual looking to invest in property or someone from another country moving to South Africa, you can find the property you are looking for in Johannesburg and feel at home.

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