Birthday fun isn’t complete without a jumping castle

Are you looking for birthday party ideas? A jumping castle adds an element of fun to just about any occasion. Whether you’re planning a child’s birthday or a family fun day, you can benefit from jumping castle hire businesses. These inflatables also make braais and fetes more exciting for children. With a range of different inflatables to choose from, it’s easy to find one that matches your requirements online.

Jumping Castles

Why you should hire jumping castles for a party

A jumping castle makes any children’s event more fun, and when it comes to entertainment, inflatables offer kids hours of enjoyment. They’re a simple way to add interest to your next children’s birthday party and there are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, which adds to their appeal. You can also match the style of the inflatable to the theme of the party you’re hosting. While you should always supervise your children, jumping castles offer a safe activity for kids to enjoy while the adults are chatting. It’s also advisable to check both the minimum and maximum age limits for the inflatables you hire and you’ll also need to restrict the number of children that use the jumping castle at the same time. There are inflatables available that are well-suited for small gardens, so you don’t need a large space to enjoy this activity. Inflatables are usually waterproof and smooth, which adds to their appeal.

Different types

When you’re choosing the right inflatables for your party, you’ll need to consider your budget as well as the type of party you’re hosting. Here’s a quick look at the different inflatables that are available:

Inflatable boxing/wrestling rings

If your child loves sports, you can hire an inflatable boxing ring for your next party. These rings are inflated with air, which makes them soft and bouncy. It’s important for adults to oversee the use of the boxing ring at all times. These rings have an inflatable border and provide a space for wrestling and boxing with soft inflated gloves.

Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides

Inflatable slides are the perfect option for pool parties. They’re filled with air, which makes them soft and comfortable to use for children of a range of ages. These slides are bouncy, which adds to the enjoyment of using them. When it comes to birthday party ideas for summer, inflatable slides are a popular option. If you don’t have a pool or you want to create a safer option for younger children, you can rent an inflatable pool with slides. The advantage of these pools is that they’re smaller and shallower so it’s easier to keep an eye on your children while they’re using them. Another type of slide is a bounce house slide, which goes together with climbing walls and a range of interesting accessories.

Obstacle courses

Keep all the children occupied at your next event with an inflatable obstacle course. Not only do these inflatables let your child get rid of some energy, they’re also fun. A bouncy obstacle course offers young children an exciting and challenging activity, and when using these inflatables, they have to try and overcome the obstacles as fast as they can. You can even put the kids in groups, which helps to teach them about teamwork.

Jumping Castles

Adult bouncy castles

If you’re a child at heart, an adult jumping castle is a great addition to your next party. This type of jumping castle is built from durable material to accommodate the extra weight of adults.

Now that you know more about the advantages of jumping castle hire, you can make your next event special for all the children that attend. A jumping castle is a fun and safe way to keep your children entertained, which makes it one of the most popular birthday party ideas.

Birthday fun isn't complete without a jumping castle | Junk Mail Blog
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Birthday fun isn't complete without a jumping castle | Junk Mail Blog
Are you looking for birthday party ideas? A jumping castle adds an element of fun to just about any occasion. Whether you’re planning a child’s birthday or a family fun day - Jumping Castles will make all the difference. Find which Jumping Castle will suit your day...
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  1. Nodumo Skiti says:

    I like the jumping castle how much please send me your catalogue and price list

  2. Nel says:

    How much does that jumping castle costs?

  3. Kit Hannigan says:

    Thanks for mentioning how adult jumping castles will be a great addition to a child at heart’s birthday party. My dad projects warmth and energy to any room he enters. He even inspired me to start my own vintage collection since he refuses to let me play with his stocks. It certainly looks like renting an inflatable jumping castle will be a nice surprise for his birthday.

  4. Sandra Patterson says:

    Thanks for your comment about wanting to match the style of inflatable to the party or event. My son is turning six this summer, and we have been looking into renting a bouncy castle for the day. I will be sure to remember this advice in a couple of months as his birthday gets closer!

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