Junk Mail ad options explained

The Junk Mail ad options are so vast, they could easily confuse users. Would you like to know the difference between the types of paid ads available on Junk Mail? Read here!

A FREE ad can be placed at any time and at no cost. This ad will appear in the selected category, sub category and region.

A Free ad moves down the page as soon as another ad is placed in the same category and region. If you choose to Bump-up your ad, the ad will move to the top of the page as if it is a new ad.

A Homepage ad appears on the Junk Mail homepage with the default picture as the image. This ad is priced at R49 for 24 hours.

A Top Ad appears as one of the Top 5 listings on rotation in the specified category and region. This ad is priced from R99-00 for 5 days in any category and region and will rotate with other Top Ads in the same category and region.

So, have you placed your FREE or paid Junk Mail ad? What are you waiting for?

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