Junk Mail Bursary is heading your way

Junk Mail loves helping our community. We try and help as much as we can, whether it is by working with Wetnose or by donating blood through SANBS. We also realise that education is one of the most fundamental requirements to help our country grow and this is why we will be starting the Junk Mail Bursary.

As a company we realise that one of the best ways investing in the future of our country is by making sure that our children and youth receive a good education. We also realise that it’s not only children that need help in paying for an education. That is why anyone that is either starting their tertiary education or is currently busy with their tertiary education will be able to apply for the Junk Mail Bursary. We will be helping someone further their education next year by giving them R5000 to use (as a little help) in paying for anything that is related to their education.

Junk Mail Bursary

Like stated above anyone can apply as long as you can prove to us that you are enrolled for at a tertiary education institution. We will then take all applicants and pick one person to give our R5000 to. This R5000 can be used for anything related to your education. Whether that is by helping to buy your study material, or to just help pay for your university or college fees.

Junk Mail Bursary: Investing in the Future

South Africa is a great country and our future lies completely in the hands of our children. In future they will be the ones running this beautiful country. They will have to make important decisions concerning all of our futures. That is why it is so important to give all our children a proper education. So that they have the tools to one day make South Africa even greater.

Applications for the Junk Mail Bursary will be opening at the beginning of October 2013 and the closing date for applications will be 31 October 2013. That way we will be helping someone from the first semester of 2014. So keep your eyes peeled. Follow Junkmail on Twitter, keep an eye on the Junkmail Facebook page and keep an eye on the Junk Mail blog for more information soon.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

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