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Earlier in 2009 Junk Mail Classifieds and CapeAds launched fan pages for users on the popular Social Networking website Facebook and profiles on the micro-blogging service Twitter. We also have a page for our sister website Job Mail on Facebook as well as a Twitter profile.

These pages were launched to notify our users which make use of these 2 popular online services about happenings at Junk Mail, CapeAds and Job Mail as well as providing them with links to interesting web pages on the internet and interesting adverts on our websites. Most South Africans are familiar with Facebook, but not many are familiar with Twitter. This video explains Twitter to all the non-techies out there.

On last week Friday we launched more Facebook pages. We realize that we have users with different interests and that’s why we’ve decided to create additional Facebook pages for Cycling, Cars, Motorcycling and Pets for both Junk Mail and CapeAds. We hope these pages inspires fans and enthusiast of these popular sections on our website and in our publication to interact with each other. Watch these pages for regular interesting updates on these topics.

Here are the links to our Facebook pages and Twitter profiles:

So became a fan of one of our Facebook pages today or follow one of our profiles on Twitter to receive regular updates from Junk Mail and CapeAds. Feel free to comment on our updates and to interact with other fans.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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