Junk Mail CEO to embark on Bamboo Road Bicycle Expedition

The Bamboo Road Cycle Expedition is taking place soon in South East Asia. This expedition features 73 cycling days, broken up by 16 rest days & 1 travel day for a total of 90 days. On cycling days riders will travel an average of 110 km per day. The expedition takes riders on a 10,000 km journey through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Bamboo Road Cycle Expedition 02

The expedition starts on the 22nd of September 2013 in Shanghai (one of China’s biggest cities).  The route meanders through the stunning mountains, the sparkling coastlines, the misty valleys, the small villages and the ancient historic sites of South East Asia. On their off days riders can enjoy a boat trip through the spectacular Ha Long Bay outside Hanoi, shop until they drop in Hong Kong, spend 2 days cycling through the incredible Angkor Wat (the world’s largest Hindu temple), kayak the turquoise waters off Ao Nang on the Thailand coast or check out the Petronas Twin Towers (one of the world’s tallest buildings) in Kuala Lampur. It’s a truly amazing opportunity for the adventurous bike rider.

Gerald Coniel (Junk Mail’s CEO) will be taking part in the Bamboo Road Bicycle Expedition. He is no stranger when it comes to tackling long routes on a bicycle. In 2010 he participated in the 12,000 km Tour D’Afrique which saw him travelling from Cairo to Cape Town over 4 months. During this trip he braved 45 degree heat in the Sudan, ate exotic food in Ethiopia and faced various other grueling challenges. This EFI challenge through South East Asia will prove to be just as challenging. We would like to wish Gerald Coniel all of the best with his upcoming journey.

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Watch this space for updates about the Bamboo Road Bicycle Expedition from the end of September 2013 and be on the lookout for the latest General News updates on the Junk Mail Blog.

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