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Fan of the momentAt Junk Mail, we love our customers and we also love hearing from our valued users. It is always good to receive feedback from our clients and that is why we will be featuring a Fan of the moment on a regular basis.

Natasha Leibrandt has been crowned our very first Fan of the moment after she has shown to be a  true brand ambassador for Junk Mail. She’s been vigilant about scams doing the rounds and taking time to warn other users about it too. Since Natasha has been so loyal towards Junk Mail, we have awarded her with a free Home Page Ad that appears on our Home Page for 24 hours.

Here is some more info on our Fan of the Moment:

Natasha is 24-years old and started her own company, Leo Life Coaching South Africa, in 2011. She received her first certificate in 2012 and graduated with a diploma in Life Coaching earlier this year.

JM: What inspired/influenced you to become a life coach?

NL: The most frequent asked question I always get is, “what is life coaching”? People tend to confuse this with a therapist.

Life coaching is nót when someone walks into your office or home office and starts talking about their problems that are making them depressed.

Life Coaching is for people who want better, more purposeful lives. They come to you to help guide them to reach new goals. Nothing inspires me more and makes me more proud to know that I was part of the path to helping a client change their lives for better.

JM: Was this something you always wanted to do? (I.e.Have you always had a passion for working with people at a young age?)

NL: I always wanted to become a psychologist, because I love helping people and giving advice and guidance. But, I hate medication and I thought to myself, if I wouldn’t take pills, why take on a career where I will have to give it to my clients?

I was still in school when I thought about that, then I started thinking, “there must be another way or another similar career to help people without the medication”. That’s when I started doing research and it all came down to Life Coaching.

JM: What do you like about using Junk Mail?

NL: The reason why I like using Junk Mail…Very importantly: because it helps me promote my business services I offer. The mobile apps are user friendly, the website is very easy to use, it is free to advertise and always available, whether it is via you application, sms or website. The Junk Mail Team is always helpful, friendly, and will always help where necessary.

Natasha is a proud owner of a Junk Mail trader account. She also has a website and a Facebook page. Feel free to give her a follow on Twitter.

If you feel that you deserve to be our next Fan of the moment, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Be there to impress and you can have the opportunity to have a feature slot on our blog as well as a free Home Page Ad to get your business recognised.

On a serious note, if you feel that you have important information to share with us, be it a scam or just some general information, please do drop us an email. Alternatively, you can leave a comment below.

You can always share the information with us on Facebook and Twitter too.

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