Junk Mail Foosball Tournament Champs Crowned

The Junk Mail Foosball Tournament started on the 2nd of June (9 days before the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicked off at Soccer City). 48 teams played matches in the tournament. Many teams were eliminated in the course of the tournament and only 9 teams from across Gauteng were left in the competition by last week Friday. The Junk Mail Group certainly had some strong contenders in the Junk Mail Foosball Tournament.

The following teams competed in the final stage of the tournament:

  • P.I.M.P (Players in Management Position) – Junk Mail Pretoria (Felix & Eddie)
  • Flamingoes – Junk Mail Pretoria (Willem & Adrian)
  • Kookwater – Junk Mail Pretoria (Marcel & Francois)
  • Hustlers – Junk Mail Pretoria (Kaybee & Sizwe)
  • Gladiator – Junk Mail Distribution (Derrick & Rinus)
  • Truck & Trailer – (Kingston & Marcus)
  • Allicat Sales Support – (Gregory & Bradley)
  • Red Devils – Junk Mail Johannesburg (Jaqcues & Edwin)
  • Automart – (Malama & Neil)

2 Teams forfeited in the final Show Down. In the first 20 minutes most teams were eliminated. In the end it was down to 2 Teams: Flamingoes & Hustlers.

The suspense was enormous, with a tight call in the last half of Hustlers really made team Flamingoes break a sweat, but in the Flamingoes prevailed and were victorious. The members walk away not only as the winners, they’ve also received a certificate, Bafana Bafana soccer shirt and various goodies from Junk Mail. One lesson can be learnt from this: Work Hard / Play Hard… and don’t underestimate your opponents.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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