Junk Mail is NOT Giving Away an Audi A4!

Audi SMS ScamA new scam has made it appearance. Junk Mail users are receiving SMS messages on their cell phones informing that they’ve won an Audi A4.

The Full SMS reads as follows:

“Ur cell phone no has won a brand new Audi A4 from Junk mail promotion held in S.A. call IPRO delivery CC on +27786847189 for delivery”

Please note: Junk Mail is NOT giving away an Audi A4. This is a scam. Junk Mail is not affiliated with IPRO Delivery CC.  These persons are attempting to defraud Junk Mail users out of their hard earned money.

This SMS is the perfect example of a Fake Competition Scam SMS.

Please note the following regarding competitions at Junk Mail:

  1. Junk Mail competitions will be announced on the Junk Mail blog in the competitions category.
  2. Notifications of Junk Mail competitions will be sent out via the Junk Mail Weekly Newsletter (from the webmaster@junkmail.co.za  e-mail address).
  3. Notifications of all Junk Mail competitions and their winners will be posted on The Junk Mail Classifieds, Junk Mail Pretoria, Junk Mail Johannesburg, Junk Mail Cape Town or Junk Mail Kwazulu Natal Facebook pages
  4. People entering Junk Mail competitions will not be required to pay money to enter them or to collect their prizes.
  5. Competition Winners are not notified via a response e-mail on their adverts or via SMS messages.

If you receive this SMS or others like it, do not reply to or call the person. Report the number(s) that you are receiving the SMS from to the service provider (in the case MTN). You can report a scam to MTN via the MTN website.

Remember: Be Smart, Be Savvy, Be Safe and Avoid this attempted scam. If you encounter this scam or any other fraudulent activity via Junk Mail, please feel free to report it to our Customer Care Department via ccc@junkmail.co.za or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours).

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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