Junk Mail Policy On Rejection Of Duplicate Adverts

RejectedSome Junk Mail users have recently complained about their adverts being rejected. One user complained said that he placed a Free Advert on the Junk Mail website and did everything as he was supposed to. He was surprised when he received an e-mail saying that his advert had been rejected.

He also claimed that the e-mail demanded payment for him to be able to place his ad. He decided to re-submit his advert, exactly as it was the first time (in every detail) and it was accepted this time. He questioned why his first advert was rejected and his second advert was accepted.

In this case the advert was duplicated. It was submitted twice for the same edition. When the user submitted the new advert it was already past the weekly deadline and it fell into the next edition.

To avoid confusion regarding all of the above, please note the following about Junk Mail:

  • A Free Junk Mail Advert may only appear in one region and 1 category only. If an advert is submitted for more than 1 region or category the duplicate advert will be rejected by our proofreading team.
  • Free Adverts are only accepted via one e-mail address per user. You’re not allowed to place your advert on two different main contact telephone numbers. You are allowed to use an alternative number as contact in your advert though.
  • The Junk Mail print deadline is 5 PM on Tuesdays. If you submit your advert after 5 PM on Tuesday its added to the new edition. If you submit the same advert again before 5 PM Tuesday the next week the advert will be rejected as a duplicate advert.
  • You only pay for ads when you want to increase your exposure by placing a top listing ad. This means that you might be contacted by a Junk Mail agent to inquire whether you want your advert in more than 1 region or category for a small fee. There are also bump up options on the Junk Mail website for better online exposure.
  • Our policies don’t allow for the duplication of adverts (within a 7 day period), but instead we offer a paid offer that will help you sell your item more quickly.
  • Paid for exposure is completely voluntary. We do not force our users to pay for their adverts. There are adverts that are not allowed as free adverts on Junk Mail that get rejected. Our agents offer users the option to pay for their adverts if they qualify for commercial advertising with us. The user still has the option to say “No”.

You can also read our post covering the 5 Main Reasons Why Your Junk Mail Adverts Get Rejected on this blog for more clarity on why Free Adverts get rejected on Junk Mail.

At Junk Mail we believe in providing excellent and professional service to all our customers. If you have a query about the rejection of your Junk Mail Free advert, feel free to contact our Customer Care Department via e-mail at ccc@junkmail.co.za or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours). You can also contact us via @JMClassifieds on Twitter.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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