Junk Mail Sure Did Entertain You

Last week the entire Junk Mail crew dressed up to the MAX in support of Casual Day. Our aim was to entertain you…and entertain you we did!

All the various departments were told to dress-up like their favorite musician or music genre; to best express and offer support to this annual cause. The Junk~a~maniacs as we like to call ourselves, did a magical job at impersonating our all-time favorite Rock Stars!

We saw everything from the Buffalo Solider Bob Marley slowly walking the passages; even the late Amy Winehouse rose from the grave;the lead singer of ABBA sparkled the crowds in her pink mermaid frock; our very own Avril Lavigne took center stage and reminded us why life is complicated; remember Josie and the Pussy Cat Dolls well she make a turn with her kitty ears and mean vocals, The notorious Sex Pistols rocked their wildest PG-rated gear for you; and finally the Ravishing Rihanna booted her high heels for the cause.

You name Junk Mail was rocking it for the Casual Day Rock Star theme of 2011!

We asked all our fans to vote for their favourite Rock Star on our Facebook page. I am sure you are all waiting in anticipation to find out who the winner was… well it was actually a duo award. The best dressed Junk~a~Maniacs voted by you were none other than The Sex Pistols!!!

For more photos from the Junk~a~Maniac Casual Day please visit this link.

Be sure to add this important event to your calendar for next year. If you are looking to attend upcoming events, you might also want to check out the Event Tickets category on the Junk Mail website.

Till next time, as you know the Junk Mail Team will be sure to entertain you!

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