Junk Mail Survey: The importance of an online presence for your business

Junk Mail has conducted a second survey regarding the importance of online presence for your business during lockdown and beyond.

The results will help businesses and us make the marketing-focused changes required to stay ahead of the curve.

View the results below.

1. Has COVID-19 made having an online presence more important than before?

Online Presence Survey Question 1 | Junk Mail

2. Have you increased or decreased your online advertising during lockdown?

Online Presence Survey Question 2 | Junk Mail

3. How big is the current online presence of your business?

Online Presence Survey Question 3 | Junk Mail

4. Do you have your own website?

Online Presence Survey Question 4 | Junk Mail

5. Did you know you can get a FREE website through Junk Mail?

Online Presence Survey Question 5 | Junk Mail

6. On which of the following channels does your business have an online presence?

Online Presence Survey Question 6 | Junk Mail

7. Which of the following advertising options provided by Junk Mail do you use to improve your online presence?

Online Presence Survey Question 7 | Junk Mail

8. What is the nature of your business

Online Presence Survey Question 8 | Junk Mail

Survey Summary:

  • It’s clear that the majority of businesses agree that online presence is now more important than ever before although fewer businesses took the step of actually increasing their online advertising efforts.
  • Based on the above results, businesses mainly use Facebook, online marketplaces, WhatsApp, and Google as their main channels of advertising.
  • The majority of responders said that their online presence is currently small to average.

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Junk Mail Survey: The importance of an online presence for your business
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Junk Mail Survey: The importance of an online presence for your business
We've conducted another survey to better understand the impact COVID-19 and the lockdown have had on the businesses in SA. View the survey results now...
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Junk Mail
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