Junk Mail’s Best Cars for Sale for 2013

cars-for-saleNow I know this may be a bit late, but if you’re looking for second-hand cars for sale, my timing couldn’t be more perfect. The new cars of yesteryear have been driven, the prices have dropped quite a bit and if you’re looking for a brilliant car, one that’s cheaper than the newer ones, you’ve come to the right place.

The cars that will appear on the list below can all be found at dealerships and are being sold by private sellers. The mileage will still be fairly low and, due to depreciation, will be quite a bit cheaper to buy. So if you want a new car, one that’s only slightly old, then read on good sir

5. Mini – The Cooper and the Paceman

The two Mini’s have made it to the bottom of the list purely because of their style and their enthusiasm. I say enthusiasm because when you’re driving the little cars, you will always get the sense that they want to do more than they can. They’ll want to go faster, they’ll make you want to drive them. They are among the few cars currently on offer that will make you smile, each and every time you get behind the wheel or see them sitting in the garage. The build quality is flawless and, thanks to the German engineering, they will never break down. They look good, they sound brilliant and nothing else in their class can even come close to offering what the two Mini’s can.

4. The Jaguar F-Type

If this car were a person, it would be gracing the cover of every single glamour and fashion magazine on the planet. No car made in 2013 can even come close to little Jag in terms of looks. It combines an eclectic mix of graceful lines, sweeping curves and masculine edges. It will appeal to anybody with a heartbeat and, because the engine sounds like it’s gargling nails, can induce a shiver of excitement in even the dullest of people. Because it’s a Jag, you know the interior will be filled with soft leather and shiny metal and will be such a nice place to be. You know it will glide down the road in a blur of pure joy and you know that you will have nothing but good times behind the wheel.

3. Ford Transit and Tourneo

The Ford Van’s have made it on to this list because they finally provide some decent competition to the Mercedes Benz Vito. Previous entries into the Van market include the Nissan Primastar, the Renault Trafic and the Opel Vivaro, which are all exactly the same cars, just with different names. The Ford however, has superior build quality and the Tourneo, the dressed up version of the worker’s Transit, has one of the nicest interiors you’re likely to find. If you want a massive family car that’s fun to drive, looks brilliant and could move an entire football team in one shot, the Ford Van is the vehicle for you.

2. Nissan Juke

I have expressed my undying love for this brilliant little car in older posts, but now, it’s time to be impartial and objective. The Nissan Juke is what’s known as a Crossover. It’s the coming together of a car and a 4X4. It is, in every way, completely brilliant. Japanese cars are known for their reliability and their impeccable build quality, which means the little Juke will last longer than almost any car. The interior is such a pleasant place to be with clever switches, exquisite layout design and some of the most comfortable seats in existence. The selection of engines mean you can either have an economical Diesel or a nifty little petrol engine, and, for those that enjoy the speed provided by a turbo, the 1.6 turbocharged engine found in the Tekna, will ensure you get everywhere faster than pretty much everyone else.

1. The Ford Figo and the Renualt Sandero

These two car’s share the limelight at the top of the list because they are, to a certain extent, the car of the people. They are both cheap, incredibly reliable, have been built well and will be able to do everything required from the modern car, including transporting the kids to school, the daily commute to work and weekends away at the beach. They are small, yet spacious, they have small, incredibly economical engines and are among the cheapest cars to insure. They offer the average person everything they could ever want in a car and it’s because they do offer so much in the way of convenience, that they appear at the top of the list of the best cars for 2013.

Something for Everybody

So if you’re looking for a newly used car, please pay attention to the cars on the list. I have tried to make them as diverse as possible so it doesn’t matter who you are or what you need from a car, you will be able to find it on this list. If you are wondering where to find a selection of cars for sale in Cape Town, you can find all of them on the cars for sale section of Junk Mail.

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