Keep your pets warm this winter

Winter’s cold can harm your pet and it’s vital that you don’t leave your pets outside at night in winter. Dogs and cats need proper shelter to protect them from rain and to keep them warm. Animals can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia, the same as humans can, so it’s vital to take their care during the colder months into consideration. From cosy blankets to colourful jackets, there is a wide range of products for sale on Junk Mail that can help your pets to stay warm.

Pet Care

Animals can’t speak for themselves so it’s our jobs to make sure that they are properly cared for. Not only should we be taking care of our own pets properly, we also need to stand up for other animals who are being mistreated. You can try to speak to the owner first if it seems safe to do so, otherwise you can contact the SPCA or another animal organisation to report any mistreatment of animals. Be sure to become the animal’s advocate and follow up on their case once you have reported it. Educating other people and children about proper animal care is another great way to help animals. Here are some ways that animal lovers can protect their pets from the winter cold:

Cold cat

Don’t leave your pets outside at night

The temperature drops as the sun goes down, so it’s essential that you bring your pets inside in the evenings. Make them a cosy place inside your house to sleep so that they can stay warm and protected from the winter cold. Common pets, such as dogs and cats, need a safe and warm place to sleep all year round. While all pets are at risk during winter, the cold is particularly dangerous for young and elderly animals.

Avoid regular heaters and heat lamps

While heaters and heat lamps can keep humans nice and toasty in winter, this equipment can be hazardous for your pets. Make sure that you don’t leave your heater switched on and unsupervised, especially when your pets are around. Instead, buy your pets a specialised heat mat from a reputable seller. These mats are designed to be used by pets and they come with extra safety precautions. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines to avoid putting your dogs and cats at risk.

Cat warmth

Beware of car engines

Cats are common pets that need extra attention during winter. Cats will look for warmth and this may result in them sleeping by your vehicle’s engine once you turn it off. Before you start your car again, check that there are no cats in harm’s way. You could also use your hooter as an extra precaution to scare them away.

Buy jackets, boots, and blankets

You can buy special pet jackets to keep the winter cold at bay. Make sure that you buy the right size for your pet and that the jacket fits them comfortably. You can find a range of different patterned and coloured pet accessories for sale on Junk Mail. Dogs and cats both love soft and fluffy blankets to sleep on all year round. When you’re taking your dogs for a walk during the colder months, you may need to invest in special pet boots. Contact with ice is painful for dog’s paws and in colder weather ice can form in-between their paw pads and toes. If your dog starts to whine or seem uncomfortable during their walks, you’ll need to determine what is bothering them and take the necessary steps to remedy the source of their discomfort.

Winter Pet Clothes

Proper shelter

If you need to leave your pet outdoors during the day, they’ll need proper shelter to protect them from the winter cold. The kennel that you choose will need to protect them from all types of weather. The shelter should be rainproof and safeguard them from wind. Likewise, the kennel should be free from damp. Proper insulation to keep in the heat is vital during the colder months. Raise the bottom of the kennel slightly off the floor and add a comfy bed as well as blankets to keep your pet warm.
Give your pets extra food

Your pets may need extra food during the winter cold to help their bodies to produce enough heat. Additional food gives them the extra energy that they need during colder weather.

Now that you know what is needed to keep your pets safe and happy this winter, visit Junk Mail to find everything you need.

Keep your pets warm this winter| Junk Mail Blog
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Winter cold can harm your pet. From cosy blankets to colourful jackets, there is a wide range of products on Junk Mail that can help your pets to stay warm.
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