What you did not know about students living in flats

Truth is, students living in flats outside of school have the most fun. It is even better, as you learn that living in a flat is the most convenient way for a student committed to getting A’s and enjoying the student life.

Did you know?

flats-to-rent-in-GautengWhen you choose to stay in a student flat, you do not have to pack up your things until your lease ends in November? This is so much better than living on campus where most students have to pack up their belongings every school holiday.

Living in a flat is much more suitable, you can decorate your flat as you choose, and have the opportunity to call the flat your own home.

In Gauteng, most universities and colleges have numerous student friendly flats to rent just outside the universities and colleges; and with the university or college bus services, you can get a flat just a few streets away. You never have to stress about traffic as you can walk or take the bus to and from school without worrying if you can make it for that 8’O clock class.

Another great thing about student flats is that most of them are surrounded by convenient stores, Pick ‘n Pay and food franchises like McDonalds. Making it simpler for you to just walk down the stairs in your pyjamas from your flat, get whatever you need and walk back up without being embarrassed to be seen by your classmates.

Student living is supposed to be fun and a great experience to have. When you rent a flat outside of university, you get a chance to experience how it would be like when you start working.

You can invite as many friends as you want, and create your own study space without making your flat look like a library. The best part, you do not have to rush to go back home after exams; you can visit home and then enjoy the rest of your holidays at your flat. After all, most students do not want to go home during holidays; when you stay at a flat you rented, you do not have to if you do not want to.

So, when you do consider getting a flat to rent, visit Junk Mail for the biggest deals on flats to rent in Gauteng or in any of our nine provinces.

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