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Learning how to use a computer has become a necessity for the young and the old. Schools are making use of computers, and just about every job is operated on a computer. Whether it is the use of traditional PC’s or laptops, learning how to use a computer can be your overall access to the rest of the world.

This Blog post will serve as a guide to help you with some of the basics of using PC computers: Why? It can help you enjoy all the benefits that your PC or laptop can provide you.

By knowing the basics of using a computer, such as turning on the computer and knowing what Internet Explorer is, you get an open door to a lot of possibilities.

Before you experience what Internet Explorer is, you first have to know what a computer is and all the other attachments known as input devices such as: The Keyboard, the mouse, the scanner, the printer and the wireless.

What is a computer keyboard

What is a computer mouse

Once you understand what their purpose is, you are able to operate the computer. Operating the computer can be simple, once you are aware of the things that you need.

Another thing that can also make it easy for you to learn how to use a computer, is knowing the difference between Hardware and Software.

This is all your Hardware.

Modern computer hardware technology

Your computer, your mouse, scanner, speaker etc.,

Software, on the other hand, refers to the computers readable processes that make it possible for your computer to operate. You would not be able to use the Internet on your computer without Internet Explorer or any other Internet Browser downloaded on your computer, or you cannot type documents without having Microsoft word or other word processing software like Libre Office.

what is computer software

Then there is what is known as the Information Network. This helps you connect to the internet. You can do this through LAN, WAN or a Modem; each has its own form of connection.

LAN: (Local Area Network)

what is a LAN Network

WAN: (Wide Area Network)

What is a WAN Network


What is a computer modem

The purpose of this Blog was to help you realize that, with access to a computer, you are able to do PC training from the comfort of your own home. You can accomplish this through the use of Skype or by receiving the tutorials via email.

The aforementioned tips are basics that will help you get access to a world that will help you get PC training without having to spend money and time at a college. There are also loads of free online training courses available to you.

Sometimes PC training is all about learning how to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or just basics like how to type your assignments at school. PC training at home can provide you with all these.

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