Learn the basics of how to skateboard

Skateboarding is a fun and trendy sport no matter how old you are. Whether you are a child or adult it is never too late to buy a skateboard and take up this exciting hobby. If you are just starting out the first thing you will need to do is take a look at the variety of skateboards for sale. You can sell your equipment or find Longboards for sale on Junk Mail. Here is some useful information on how to skateboard.


1. Find the right skateboard

The first step to starting this hobby is to find the skateboard that best meets your requirements. There is a wide range of skateboards for sale on the South African market. From inexpensive boards to exclusive brand names there are a variety of options to choose from. Sizes and styles also differ. Classic skateboards feature curved edges and a concave shape which makes it easier to perform tricks. Longboards are bigger boards which are great for cruising the streets or promenades. This is an easier board to use if you are still learning. Take some time to think about what you intend to use the board for before you make a decision. If you want to learn tricks and head to the skate park a classic skateboard may be the best option. However if you only want to get outdoors and enjoy a leisurely ride, a longboard is probably best suited to your needs.

2. Buy safety gear and accessories

Buying the right gear can make it easier to learn how to skateboard as well as preventing injuries. Having protection is particularly important when you are still learning or if you are performing new tricks. The footwear that you wear is important. Choose shoes that have strong sides as well as flat bottoms. You can buy special skating shoes online or at skate shops. It is also advisable to buy helmet and knee pads. Elbow pads help to provide extra protection if you fall.


3. Pick a good skating spot

When you are learning to skateboard it is best to pick an area that is easy to skate on. A level and concrete surface creates a good spot to learn. Driveways or parking lots are two good choices. To be safe make sure that there are no obstacles or stones to set you off balance. Once you get the hang of staying on the board you can head to a skate park. Watching other skaters is also a great way to learn. Once you have mastered the basics you can head to one of the great skating venues in South Africa. Longboarding is popular in the Eastern Cape and the region hosts the Donkin Downhill Dash. The skateboarding scene in Kimberly has grown and the Maloof Money Cup is evidence of the growing enthusiasm for the sport. The Wave House in Umhlanga is a good spot to show off your skateboarding skills if you are in Durban. The Sentinel Boardriders Skate Park is a well-known venue in Cape Town.

4. Find a good teacher

Whether it be a friend, family member or a professional, having a good teacher can greatly speed up the learning process. Not only will you learn faster, skating with others is also more fun. Even if you are skating with beginners, you can share the tips and tricks that you learn along the way.


5. Learn the fundamentals

The first step is to learn how to stand on the board correctly. As a guideline your feet should be at a slight angel in line with the board’s truck screws. The typical stance is to have your left foot forward so that your right foot is in the correct position to push. Once you have your balance, use your right foot to give the board a gentle push. After you have mastered this step you can practice putting your foot back on the board once you have pushed yourself forward. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable on the skate board. Once you get going you can start increasing your speed. If you start feeling off balance it may help to slightly shift your weight forward on the board. Next you can learn to turn the board. You can do this by keeping your centre of gravity low and adjusting your weight to the front of your board while you turn your ankles back to alter the direction of the board.

6. Learn about the skateboarding industry in South Africa

There are numerous companies in South Africa that sell quality boards that are suited to the local market. As your skateboarding skills develop you may want to invest in a more expensive board. Funisu, Sicktrixs and KFD Skateboards are some well-known options. Other brands which are renowned for their quality products include Verb, Epitome and Peg. A great way to advance your skills is to learn from the pros. If you are interested in taking skateboarding to a professional level they also give you something to aspire to. South African skaters to look out for include Alan Marola, Gavin Moses Adams and Khule Ngubane. You can also watch international events to see stars such as Luan Olivera taking first place at the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship.


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